Good morning!

Wow, I must have been tired last night because apparently we got some crAzy storms, that even knocked the power out (thank goodness for cell phone alarms!), but I didn’t hear a single sound!

I am usually the lightest sleeper in the world too – I could hear a pin drop in my sleep – but nope, not even a single peep out of me. Nice. :) Are you a heavy or light sleeper?

The clouds are slowly parting and it’s actually supposed to be a nice day, just HOT. Blazing hot. Like 110 heat index hot! How appropriate that the Iowa State Fair is starting this week. I just hope the butter cow doesn’t melt. ;)


Well since I got sucked into watching Twilight, then the movie Brothers last night, I never made it to the grocery store. It was slim pickins’ for breakfast!


I broke out some good ol’ reliable toast. :)


Butter on one piece, almond butter on the other. Chomp and go.


I saved the one last remaining piece of fruit in the house for lunch. :D  


That would be one slightly banged up Pink Lady Apple,  


with some luscious almond butter for dipping.


Peach Chobani Greek Yogurt,


and some mini Larabars! I can’t believe I forgot these babies in my list of mini loves last week!


Like I said – I need to get to the store ASAP! 8O


In other news, guess what got delivered over the weekend?


A care package from Japan!!!!! I spent a summer living in Japan in college and have been obesessed with it every since. Reader Molly is teaching English over there right now and knows of my die-hard love affair, so she sent me a care package all the way from Tokyo!

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

Inside were some of my favorite goodies!


Tomato Pretz – like thin, slightly crispy pretzel sticks that taste a little like Ragu sauce. Pretz are hysterical – they come in flavors like “salad” and “shrimp” too! The flavors of random things in Japan never ceased to amaze me. Meat flavored fries, anyone? Yeah, that was different. ;)


She also sent me some YUMMY candies.


Including these grape gummy bites. Good me indeed!


All the grape flavored candy in Japan is UBER grapey tasting – it’s so insanely delish.


She also included this Black Thunder candy bar which I’ve never tried. Great name though!


Great TASTE too – omg! It tasted like cookies and cream ice cream!


Thank you Domo arigato Molly!!!! It was so nice to have a taste of some of my favorite Japanese treats again! :D

I’ve got a full day of work ahead of me, so I”ve gotta get this show on the road. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Do you speak any foreign languages? What language would you most like to know?

I took Spanish for three years in high school and still remember a bit of it. My in-laws gave me Japanese Rosetta Stone for my birthday last year, but I still have found the time to dig in. I would be elated to be able to speak Japanese. I’d open up a tour guide company taking Americans on culinary tours in Japan – yum!