OOF, I am full! Ben’s on the bed laying flat, and I’m propped up on my blogging chair, ’cause we’re stuffed to the gills! :D

I rarely have a night when I don’t feel like cooking, as I do love it so, but tonight just happened to be one of them. A quick phone call to Ben at work had us meeting at our go-to Mexican joint, Monterrey, for dinner!


Monterrey’s been a staple since high school and is the only Mexican restaurant I’ll eat at in town.


Their service is lightening quick (we were in and out in 19 minutes once last month) and their food is flat out AMAZING.


Plus, like any good Mexican restaurant, they give you chips and salsa to start!


Monterrey’s salsa is super fresh & juicy, plus it has big chunks of fresh cilantro in it. I heart cilantro.


Here Ben shows us proper chomping technique:

IMG_1154 IMG_1155

I usually try to abide by my rules for dining out at Mexican restaurants, and get a small plate to put some chips on in order to not devour the whole basket, but today I just practiced self control. Pretty much. ;)


Time to decide what to order!


I like to pretend like I’m going to try something new every time I go to Monterrey. "Maybe I’ll get one of the house specialties!" I’ll exclaim. 


Clearly it’s all for show because inevitably, when it comes time to order, I’ll find myself explaining to the waiter that I want Combo #1 with a bean & cheese enchilada and rice. Up.


While we waited I sipped on an aqua,


while Ben got zippy with a margarita. "They’re on special!" he proclaimed!


Honest to God, in the time it took to take this picture,


and count to uno, dos, tres – our food had arrived! I mean!


Ok, they say that brown food usually indicates that it’s not good for you. But come on, sometimes you gotta live. Sometimes you gotta go all out!


I went all out with a yummy ground beef taco,


ooooozy, cheeeeesy bean & cheese enchiladas,


(love that sauce!)


and the best rice on the planet! How do they make it so fluffy? And so, so, SO delicious?!


We drove home in a happy, cheesy coma and are going to take it easy for the rest of the night.

Hasta! :D


Do you have a go-to restaurant?