It’s raining cats & dogs out there!


The weather kind of fits the mood, though, ’cause Ben and I were planning on donning our ‘jams tonight and hunkering down to watch new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock (Tina’s my fave!!) and the Miami football game!


Here’s what I’m in for…

That video was taken last year – here’s his getup for tonight (photo taken while snarfing dinner over the stove):


I seriously laughed ’til I cried at these pictures!!! “Ahh! Papparazzi!” He cried!


I don’t know why looking at them just triggered such uncontrollable laughter – AFV montage type laughter – but I’m wiping away tears as I type. Maybe you had to be there… ANYWAYS, he’s been nervous about the game all day and is donning all of his U gear in support!


Here’s the dinner said husband was snarfing – Pizza!


I always forget about making pizza at home for some reason, but it seemed like a fun thing to make tonight! I started with a Boboli 100% Whole Wheat Crust.

DSC_0003 (2)


You can eat a quarter of it for 180 calories,

DSC_0008 (2)

and the crust is nice and chewy, which I like.


One thing I like about making pizza at home, is that YOU control the ingredients!


I started by slathering some local, Gino’s Pizza Sauce all over the crust.



I only use Gino’s marinara sauce for my pasta, as it tastes insanely fresh and has minimal amounts of ingredients, but I’d never tried the pizza sauce before.


Ohhh, it is so juicy & luscious! It totally reminded me of the sauce we had on our pizzas in Italy!



After the sauce went on, I went for the toppings. Mmmkay, I know this may look like an odd combo – but it works!


I started with some black olives,


added on some drained sauerkraut,


and polished it off with fresh tomatoes.


Ben’s portion of the pie got covered with pepperoni. He’s a pizza purist. ;)


Into the oven for 8 minutes,


and out popped a piping hot pizza pie!



The Mother of all combos, I tell ya!


Ok, so I think sauerkraut on pizza might be a family thing, as Ben and my sister-in-law think it’s absolutely nuts that my brothers, Mom, Dad and I like to pile it on – but honestly, it. is. so. good!


What are your favorite pizza toppings?





Alllright, the clapping, shouting and C’MON LAMAAAR!!!!! have started flying up from the basement, which can only mean one thing… My normally sweet and mild-mannered husband has been overcome with college football fever!



Do you eat any foods that other people think are weird?