Happy Saturday! :D

My send off happy hour was so. much. fun. We partied until the wee hours of the morning 8pm then called it a night. HA! Seriously though, I say the way to go is to head to happy hour circa 4pm then get home in time for The Soup at 9pm. I’m just sayin’… ;)

This morning I woke up with a hankering for some sweets.


I took a couple pumpkin muffins and slathered them in homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting.


So easy you guys! I just stirred up some whipped low-fat cream cheese with a tiny bit of powdered sugar and cinnamon.


Luscious, low-fat and the perfect icing on the cake muffin! :D


I enjoyed my muffins with a cup of hot creme bruleee flavored coffee (Folgers.)


Brewed to order in my number one fave kitchen appliance, my Keurig!



Usually I add a teaspoon of sugar and some 1/2 and 1/2 to my coffee, but today I added a scoop of Big Train Vanilla Chai Mix. This stuff is AWESOME!


One of my favorite coffee shops in town, Smokey Row, uses this mix for their Sugar-Free Vanilla Chais. They sell it right in their store, so I picked up a bag to make SFVCs in the comfort of my own home. :)


Oh, shameful/fun fact: I’m a wee bit insane about making sure the kitchen is immaculate after preparing every meal, etc. during the week. But sometimes on the weekends, I kind of like to make a mess. Leave things laying around for awhile. Be a little rebellious. Exhibit A:


Muwahahaha. I think I’ll let that sit until at least 10:15am! I’m a little rebellious…not crazy. ;)

Alrighty – it’s an absolutely gorgeous, Fall day and we’ve got some great games on tv including Miami and my beloved Hawks. I’ll be bouncing in and out all day, hopefully going for a run, and cheering on our teams.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Are you as crazy as me about cleaning the kitchen?