1 day down! :D

Today went just as well as I could have hoped for and I actually didn’t suffer too bad from "first day information overload" since I cough read-the-employee-manual-cover-to-cover-when-I-got-it-over-a-month-ago-’cause-I-was-so-excited-to-start. Cough.

This morning I got to design a poster, Wednesday I get a full tour of the museum and Thursday I’ll get to utilize my photo skillz and take pictures of the place for marketing materials. I’m already loving the wide variety of items I’ll get to do in this position. Squeal! ;)

In other news, I didn’t sleep very well last night (pre-first day jitters) and, while happy, I was also pretty wiped when I got off work. I didn’t feel like cooking so I took advantage of a pre-made Rotisserie Chicken from the store for dinner!


And I said "yes" when Ben asked if I roasted said chicken myself. Muwahaha! 10 seconds later, since I can’t lie for anything, I confessed that, ok, it wasn’t me who roasted up the delicate, savory wing he was gobbling. He forgave me.


I served Roasted Green Beans on the side, made the same way as last night. I cannot get enough of these, you guys! I ate almost the entire pan! Try it once if you’ve never. I guarantee you’ll love it.


And because I was feeling frisky – some Crescent Rolls. :)


When’s the last time you had a crescent roll?!


I thought they’d go perfectly with the roasted chicken – which they DID. Flaky, buttery and most definitely served warm. Mmmmyummy. 


I’ll be enjoying a Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Fudge Chip Ice Cream Sandwich at approx 8pm. PS did you know that not all ice cream sandwiches/bars/cones are made with real ice cream? Cough, Nestle, cough. Blue Bunny’s products are though. We did a taste test when I went on the Blue Bunny Blogger Tour back in July and you can tooootally taste the difference!


These particular bars are literally one of the best things I have ever eaten in my entire life. Peanut buttery, chocolaty, decadent and semi guilt-free. Only 170 cals for the entire luscious sammy!


Check out that description…tell me you’re not drooling… ;)


Ok, I’m full.

Tonight’s agenda:

  • EMAIL YOU ALL BACK! I have a back log of emails to return, so I will be tackling those tonight.
  • Gossip Girl, obvi.
  • Make Ben rub my thigh. It’s back to a sit down desk for me and my right thigh is severely cramped from sitting all day… 8O

Have a great night!


Complete this sentence: When I buy ice cream at the store, I:

a. Don’t care how many calories or grams of fat are in it. Bring on the biggest container of cookie chunks and fudge ribbons you can find!

b. Search for single serve options like individual cups of ice cream or ice cream sandwiches. It can be full-fat, but I’m looking for pre-portioned items.

c. Usually buy only low-fat ice cream or sorbet. I like a cold, creamy treat, but don’t want to sacrifice my diet in the process!

I usually fall into the "B" category. I want all the goodies, but am powerless to stop at 1 or 2 scoops if I’m left alone with a container of ice cream.  Pre-portioned treats are ideal for me!