I joined a gym! :D

$10 joining fee + $39.99/month for access to multi locations (one’s a stone’s throw from work, one’s a stone’s throw from home!) and NO first month + last month dues due up front. KEY! I hate having to shell out $150+ bucks just to join, know what I mean?

I packed a workout bag this morning, anticipating that I’d join this afternoon, but it is SUCH a deliriously beautiful day outside that I couldn’t in good conscience coop myself up inside!

I hit the trail for 4 miles under the cloudless sky, through the crisp breeze and among the gorgeous Fall leaves. Mmm! It was all good – except for the part where a giant beast came hurtling at me from 50 feet away during my first mile…

At first I was all "AHHH! What is that giant beast coming at me?!" Then I was all "Ahhh! It’s a baby deer! Do I stand motionless or run away?!" Then I was all "Ahhwww…it’s a freaking dog…" False alarm.

I passed by his owner about two minutes later and he was all "Have you?!" and I was all "Umm, yeah – he’s sprinting thatta way." Put your pets on a leash, people! But still – poor dog and owner. I hope they are reunited soon!

In other news, I baked up an Italian feast tonight. It was making my stomach growl with a fierceness as it was baking up in the oven – Italian Pasta Bake!


I halved this recipe and made the following changes: I didn’t layer the pasta & cheese, and I only used 1/4 cup parmesan cheese. Oh, and I forgot the basil. :)


But it was UNREAL! You have to make this recipe sometime. It is SO good.


I actually used the last of the pasta I got in Italy for this dish. The long ziti shape is so fun to chew.



Tossed with slowly simmered, spicy Italian sausage, garlic & onions – I could have eaten the entire, flavorful thing. MMMM!!!


This spoon actually reflects my feelings quite accurately. Ben’s comments were "Damn, baby! This is the best thing you’ve made in a long time!"




Anyways, I’ve got an evening full of house cleaning & organizing to look forward to, until Teen Mom’s on at 9. Did you hear? Apparently Amber’s getting in trouble with the law for laying the smack down on Gary. T. G.!!! She is such a train wreck.

Good night!


Have you ever had a close encounter with an animal while exercising outside?

I swear I have a new story almost every time I run on the trail. Last week I actually DID pass a baby deer like 2 feet away from me. Neither of us saw/heard each other until we were almost touching, and we both freaked!