The incessant bombardment of mid-term election mail, email, commercials and radio spots end tonight. Tonight! Can I get a helllll yeah!?


(That’s my hell yeah face…) I’m very curious to know who’s going to win several elections in my state, but I am NOT sad to say sayonara to the constant media mudslinging. Does anyone even believe the commercials anyways?! Yeesh! Over it! I never thought I’d say it, but bring back the Oxy Clean ads. I need some normalcy in my life! ;)

In other news, it’s my hump day today and it FLEW by. I was super busy at work and it was time to leave before I knew it (sweet!) Although it went by quickly, I was dog tired ALL day and could not stop yawning for the life of me. Even WITH a Diet Pepsi drip!

This may sound wimpy, but whenever I have several hard workouts in a row, I get simply exhausted. It’s true. Therefore I took tonight off to rest my weary bones, came home from work and whipped up a pre-Thanksgiving feast of a Holiday Sandwich! :mrgreen:


Made with one of my favorite appliancesThe Griddler.


FYI – every time I say "Griddler" I immediately think of the "Riddler". Random!


Aaaanyways, my Holiday sandwich incorporated some of my favorite tastes of Thanksgiving (can you believe it’s November already?!) and started with a fluffy roll. I get these in packs of 2 for $.99 right near the deli in my grocery store.


First up we’ve got some Low-Sodium DiLusso Deli Turkey. I really like low-sodium deli meats because I feel like you can really taste the meat. For instance this turkey really tasted like turkey. Make sense? ;)


Topped with a couple slices of whisper thin swiss cheese,


and topped with savory-sweet cranberry chutney! I made this last Friday during my cooking extravaganza. It’s smoky, sweet, savory and a little tart. You gotta have it if you’re talkin’ turkey!


On goes the lid and into the Griddler we go!

DSC_0153 DSC_0155

Smooshed and griddled for meh, about 4 minutes.


Paired with some crunchy veggies and creamy Chipotle goat cheese!


This sandwich…I’m telling you…I can’t wait to make another one the day after Thanksgiving!!


Do you like cranberry sauce? I always thought I hated it, but discovered I actually loved it several years ago. It’s especially fabulous on this sandwich with the oozy cheese. Bomb!


On the side, some celery and carrots,


to swoop up the Chipotle Goat Cheese I picked up at the Farmer’s Market this weekend!


It’s AMAZING. Super smoky tasting and just slightly spicy. It actually tasted exactly like Smoked Nut Thins. (I LOVE those things!)


All I was missing was the moist maker. ps you MUST CLICK ON THAT PICTURE!!!


In other news, guess what came in the mail today?!


A Grand Opening notice for the Trader Joe’s opening VERY close to my house on FRIDAY – WHEEEEE!!! IamsoexcitedIcouldcry. You better believe I’ll be cleaning house on Friday afternoon. Cannot. Wait!


I’m off to get in my PJs and take it easy tonight. Have a good one!!!


2 Question Tuesday!

1. Fill in the blank: "Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving, if _____ wasn’t on the table!"

2. Who’s your favorite Friends character?

My answers:

1. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if Baked Apples and Grandma’s Holiday Salad weren’t on the table!

2. Team Chandler!!