Ben and I didn’t get home until 2:00am last night. TWO AM! I haven’t seen that ungodly hour for years, I feel!

We sure had a lot of fun though (whoops, missed the ugly Christmas sweater memo…) ;)


As a result of our holiday inspired, almond-flavored champagne fueled shenanigans (which tasted amazing,) I’ve been somewhat of a bum hot mess today. There’s been lots of lounging and flipping between River Monsters, Tabitha’s Salon Takeover and 16 & Pregnant. Important things, really.

There WAS movement for food though. I put together up a super quick, easy, salty, sweet breakfast – Eggs, Toast & Apples!


That’d be one egg (all we had left in the carton – tragic) cooked up with salt, pepper, hot sauce and deli ham. God’s gift.


Some buttered toast. (Remember when Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie would always ask for buttered toast everywhere they went on their Simple Life show? Why?!)


And a Honeycrisp Apple. I found them SUPER cheap at Target last week so I stockpiled and have been rationing them out ever since. It’s only a matter of weeks before they disappear from store shelves!


I finally DID get motivated (one can only watch so much filth on tv) did some vacuuming and whipped up Goat Cheese Pasta for an early supper!


Same recipe as last time! :D

DSC_0189 (2)

All you do is whisk 2 Tablespoons flour into 1 Tablespoon melted butter,

DSC_0192 (2)

then sloooooowly whisk in a can of chicken broth in batches, stirring the heck out of it in between each batch.

DSC_0194 (2) 

Let the sauce thicken up a bit, then add in the goat cheese.

DSC_0197 (2)

Creamy, tangy Chevre from Trader Joe’s! :D


Dallop in in 4oz of the magic stuff,


then 1/4 cup parmesan cheese,


and salt & pepper, then let that puppy bubble until thick.


Some optional bread dunking in the cheesy sauce would not be frowned upon at this point. ;)


Meanwhile, cook up 1/2 lb pasta and add in some broccoli florets when the pasta has a couple minutes left to cook.


Drizzle, toss and serve!


MMMMM warm carbs and cheeeeeeese…


I like my broccoli mushy in dishes like this, but you can adjust its final texture by adding it earlier or later in the pasta cooking process.


Bring your spoon and tongue to scrape the bowl. You will not want to miss one, precious drop!!!


Tonight Ben and I are re-entering elderly territory and staying in to babysit my sweet-as-pie nephew, Finnegan. Ben said he’s going to teach him some tricks. I wonder what that means…

ps don’t forget to enter to win The Obol! Contest ends in a few!



What are YOU doing tonight?!