Whee!! WHEEEEE!! :D :D :D :D

I can’t even begin to explain the nightmare that has been the past two days trying to get home from my cousin’s wedding in Kentucky. Including, but not limited to:

Canceled flights, delayed flights, missing flight crews, standbys, lines, gate changes, sitting at the airport for over 12 hours, watching the Superbowl from terminal C18, pulling my hair out…

Basically, yesterday was a gigantic cluster where everything that could’ve gone wrong DID and, to top it all off, it ended with spending the night (if you can call arriving at 11pm and leaving at 4am “spending the night”) at the Detroit Airport’s Days Inn.

Let’s just say, I kept my socks on. 

This morning we were at the airport hours before the sun rose to get on any flight we could, and when all was said and done I practically kissed my front steps when we got home circa 1pm this afternoon.

I am never leaving again.

I have a million horrific stories I could tell you, but lets focus on the one bright spot in this entire ordeal – the limo that took us to the airport Sunday morning!


The dream wedding package my cousin won came with limo transportation for the newlyweds for the entire weekend, and he graciously scheduled it to take our family on the 1.5 hour drive from the wedding in Bowling Green, KY to the Nashville, TN airport where we were supposed to fly home from on Sunday!!


Airport shuttle vans are so 2010. This was awesome! :D


The other bright spot was when we told our sob story to a Delta ticketing agent who hooked us up with over $100 in free food vouchers at the airport, BOOM!

Hello outrageous meals at airport Wendy’s including giant salads, chili and all-natural fries seasoned with sea salt (have you tried those, btw? I don’t eat fast-food fries, but was emotional eating, it’s true, and omg they were SO good!) millions of beers for the guys at the airport bar, countless Starbucks lattes and I can’t even remember what else it was so ridiculous.

I love free money – although I would have preferred to just get home at 4pm yesterday as scheduled!

Needless to say, this morning’s 3:15am wake up call has left me feeling like I got hit by a bus. As soon as I hit Publish on thi…zzzzz…sorry fell asleep – as soon as I hit Publish on this post, I am heading STRAIGHT to bed!!!

See you!


Would you rather fly or drive to get to your destination? Do you have any airport horror stories?

Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I took a flight where something hasn’t gone awry. I hate driving long distances – but it’s almost less of a headache when all is said and done!

Also – the Days Inn sucked hard, but it was no Parisian roach motel. THANK HEAVENS!!