Awww – you guys made my day! :D

Thank you for sharing such fabulous, upbeat stories about upcoming vacations, weddings, pay days, new jobs and knitting, even! My night and day went, thankfully, MUCH better, and I even figured out how to fix my freaking computer mouse problem. Yep, things are looking up.

In other news, Ben’s parents are in town for exactly one night – that’d be tonight – so we’re going to go catch dinner with them! Before I go though, I’ve got to share two new items I tried this very day, that I’m totally loving!

Nasoya Super Hummus


This super-creamy, thick and decadent dip is made with chickpeas, but it’s also cut with soybeans to produce a lower-cal-and-fat hummus, that’s has two times the protein as other leading brands.


It’s thicker than brands like Sabra, which you may or may not like, but the flavor it spot on.


Great with veggies,


or crackers! I tried Trader Joe’s whole wheat “ritz bitz-esque” crackers a few weeks ago, which are PHENOMENAL, and I was CRAVING them to pair with the hummus today. Alas, I dunked my last one into peanut butter last week, so this water cracker will have to do for now. :)


100% Cran-Pom Juice Mocktail


To celebrate 10 days being diet pop free (!!!) today I picked up a bottle of seltzer water to cut some Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate Juice Blend with, and made a delightful little drink. I’m not missing the pop, but I’m definitely missing flavorful beverages in the afternoon!


I was debating between seltzer water and soda water – but soda water has added sodium (never knew) so I stuck with seltzer. Ssssss…


This juice blend has no added sugar.


Nothin’ but pure, unadulterated juice, baby!


I poured 1/2 cup juice into a glass of ice and topped it with a splash of seltzer water.


Sooo refreshing!! I’m dying to squeeze a slice of lime in here…and also to pour in a little vodka…I’m just saying…


Ok – I’m off! :D


What new product have you tried lately? Love or hate! I love to find out about new food/stuff I should stay away from!