OMG look what Ben gave me for Valentine’s Day!!!

A freaking iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!


Last night, right before we sat down to exchange gifts, my man quickly got up and dashed into the other room. A few seconds later he slowly emerged, holding something behind his back.

"Close your eyes!" he cried.

So I did.

"Open them!" he cried again.

I slowly opened and in front of my nose was…a pamphlet.

A pamphlet? What the heck it this? It’s red. It says "getting started"… Is he trying to send me to rehab??

"Open it!" he cried even louder!

So I did. Then I cried.



We’ve been holding out on getting iPhones until Verizon started carrying them, but still – I literally had no idea he’d do this.

I feel so hip. So now. So…I don’t even know! Wheee!!!! I can’t wait to download a million apps! Let me know which ones I HAVE to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Want to know what I gave him? A Turkey Fryer.

No really – a friggin’ turkey fryer. :(

Ok, so it’s not REALLY for turkey, rather for using to brew homemade beer in (his favorite past time) but after the iPhone, I was all…

"Ummmm – here’s your turkey fryer?!"


I feel as though I made up for it with the card. It was the first one I saw at the store and it so perfectly sums up our relationship that I laughed out loud for like a minute when I picked it up – and so did Ben when I gave it to him. ;)


"Ooooobabyyou’rehomefromwork!Iloveyousooooooomuchmuwahmuwahmuwah! Ijustwanttocuddleyouandkissyouandsqueeezeyouforeverrrr! LETSSNUGGLE!!!!!"


Ben’s all "Ummm, I love you too – but can I take off my coat?" HA every night, without fail. I know – I annoy myself too, but what can you do?

Ohhhhh, I know… ;)

In other news, Trader Joe’s Night once again came early this week. I was tired, TJ’s food is easy, and the only other option was to make this big Entree Salad that I had on the menu – however I’ve eaten two giant salads for lunch the past two days, and the thought of eating another piece of lettuce made me want to hurl.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter & Sage to the rescue!


I’ve been dying – dying – to try this since the day Trader Joe’s opened.


I adore my go-to Sweet Potato Gnocchi recipe, but you’ve got to, you know, make it. This is all ready to go. All you have to do is heat & eat!


PS how much do you love that orange swirl package design??


The gnocchi come frozen with the butter/sage sauce, and at first glance I thought it looked like a TON of butter.


I like butter as much as the next girl, but I don’t like my food drowning in it. You understand.


The directions say to heat the block over med-low heat for 8-9 minutes. This wasn’t doing anything after 4, so I popped a lid on the skillet and turned the heat up to med-high.


Slowly the gnocchi began to separate into big chunks, so I turned the heat back down to med-low and let them defrost the rest of the way. For the last minute, I turned the heat to high and let them sizzle to get a nice crust on the outside!


Sometime I feel like letting butter really sizzle, sizzles out some of the calories. Just a theory. ;)


These were amazing!!! The taste was kind of a mixture between sweet potato gnocchi and mac & cheese – and there definitely wasn’t too much butter. Just the right amount, actually!


The gnocchi were very tender – much more tender than your average gnocchi (some may call them soggy) but I didn’t mind at all.


The flavor was sooooo rich and homey.


However, the package says there’s 3 servings in there but when I weighed them it was more like 2.25. Just FYI in case you’re thinking it’ll feed more than 2.


On the side I made some more pan-fried Brussies.


 Same seasonings and technique as last night!


Mmmm – tender and roasty.


Reminded me of Fall! :D


Grade: Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter & Sage – 9/10.

I’d give it a 10 out of 10, but the misleading serving size annoyed me, and the gnocchi might not be firm enough for some.


Well I’m off to do some housework tonight. Friday is usually my cleaning/laundry day, but I’ve been gone the past two weeks. I’m so behind!

See you!


What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? Ever received?

I’m going to say I was very, very thankful when Ben’s parent’s gave us a big chunk of the down payment of our home as a gift. No matter how old you get, your parents never really do stop taking care of you, do they? :)