Don’t make fun, but…


Ben and I watched Disney movies all afternoon.


I know, we’re really cool like that. ;) Seriously though Snow White and Aladdin were on the Disney Channel this afternoon and we kind of got sucked in. Still remembered all the words to the songs, even!

ps how freaky is Jafar as the snake/evil genie in Aladdin? I feel like this would never fly in today’s Disney movies. Right?


In other news, Ben and I continued a Sunday night tradition we’ve started recently. Chipotle for dinner!


This is the third Sunday in a row we’ve gotten these babies. It’s quick & easy, plus it’s relatively inexpensive and healthy for "fast food".


In the mix:

  • Rice
  • Chicken
  • Black Beans
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Salsa Verde


Mmmm – the coveted rice pocket! Chipotle has the BEST rice. I feel like I get semi-close to the taste with my homemade chipotle burrito bowl, but theirs is SO fluffy and perfect!


Not only is this tradition tasty, but it’s also nice because Ben goes out and gets our Burrito Bowls while I get to stay home in my PJs. Love that boy!! :D


Ok, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! From one of the most popular giveaways on IGE to-date, the winner of the free doughnut pan giveaway is…

Allison P: Glazed old fashioned!! Has to be from a mom and pop kinda place – no Krispy Kreme for me. Mmm, now I want a donut…

Congrats Allison! Now you CAN have a doughnut!!! ;) For everyone else, check out Bed Bath & Beyond to get yourself a pan!

Well I’m off to get ready for the week. Have a great night, and Monday! :D


Who was your favorite Disney princess, or character?

I LOVED Ariel from the Little Mermaid and used to draw her like, over and over when I was little. Bahaha!