I am slowly but surely entering LAV (life after vacation)…

1. Unpack: Check! :D

2. Get up before 9am: Ehh, not quite there yet.

3. Eat veggies: You bet! After I tore myself away from the couch this afternoon, (Sex & The City is on E! during the day – who knew?!) I stopped by the grocery store to stock up on good for me eats including broccoli & cauliflower florets, which I promptly roasted with olive oil, salt & pepper for a light lunch.


Yum! :D


4. Work out: Hopefully Definitely tomorrow. Entering LAV is a slow process, but Bridesmaid Bootcamp isn’t going to take care of itself!

5. Put on shoes and socks: Crazy talk!! Even though it’s anti Vegas here – drizzly, cold & foggy – I still can’t bring myself to pull on close-toed shoes. Maybe tomorrow…


6. Nix day-time drinking: Half check. While I decided to forgo my noon margarita, a la Las Vegas, I am heading to happy hour with the fam in just a bit. My little brother is in town from Denver for Easter this weekend, so we are gathering to catch up over drinks and apps.


ps: I posted the recipe for my Mom’s Poppyseed bread on Facebook. Check it out!


What do you usually order for happy hour?

I’m usually a beer girl. Miller light if we’re at a regular bar, or a fun wheat beer if we’re somewhere with a good selection!