Three cheers for Virginia!

photo 3

My flight into Richmond went smoothly, my cab driver was ultra nice, and the hotel informed me I had been upgraded to a 2-bedroom apartment suite when I arrived!


You go, Residence Inn Richmond Chester – this place is awesome!!


Two-burner kitchen, dining and lounge area, plus two bedrooms. I felt kind of silly/greedy with all this space just for me, but Ben told me to enjoy it. So I did. :)


My only wish was that I could stay longer (and that it hadn’t been so damn hot in the airport. Girl needed some shine control!)


Alas, there is hummus to try, and someone has go and try it. ;) I got my morning started by visiting the Continental breakfast bar and picking up a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.


Topped with brown sugar, cinnamon sugar and chopped walnuts that I snagged from the waffle bar.


I haven’t had oatmeal made in this way for ages, and I forgot how filling it is. I’m stuffed!


Ok, off to tour! Have a great day!


What did you have for breakfast today?