Dangit. All.

All my good luck – smooth traveling to Richmond, a sweet hotel upgrade and all the hummus I could eat – went straight to hell in a hand basket circa 7pm last night. Let’s break it down.

7-11pm Wednesday night: Heavy storms in Chicago, where I am to connect to Des Moines from, cause us to abort our landing at the last second. Life flashes before my very eyes. Divert to Rockford, fly back to Chicago an hour later, miss my connecting flight by 10 minutes and spend the night there.

8am this morning: Fly home wearing the same clothes I’d been wearing since Wednesday at 7am, then go straight to work in them. Smelling like garlic.

5-6pm this evening: Head straight to my Mom’s 20 years of service to her school district ceremony after work, then arrive home to find I’m locked out of my house. Husband is still at work, and Mom, who has my extra key, is still at the ceremony.


6pm: Talk myself off the ledge and decide to go get Chipotle for dinner, in my garlic clothes, to pass the time ’til she gets out and returns my calls for help.


6:30pm: Get home, go to eat my burrito bowl on the front porch while I wait and realize I forgot to get a freaking fork. Laugh like a true maniac because, really, what else am I going to do?

6:40pm: Mom calls. YESSSS! Tells me I took the spare house key back from her weeks ago. She saw me put it on my key chain. I look down. I’VE HAD THE DAMN KEY THE WHOLE TIME.


6:42pm: Steam. Sloooowly coming out of ears. Try not to yell. Unsuccessful. MOOOOTTTHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6:43pm: Walk into my house for the first time since Tuesday at 6:15am. Strip off disgusting, 2-day old clothes, pour lighter fluid on them to prepare them for burning, grab fork and dig into dinner.


6:44pm: Realize I haven’t been through anything so terrible that a good-sized Chipotle burrito bowl rice pocket can’t fix.


And that brings us to the present. I mean really? Realllllly? I swear I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! All I have to say is that is the LAST time I do not take a direct flight. Never, ever again. Ever! Screw you flight connections!!!!

Ahem. ExCUSE me! Sorry. Moving on. Let’s hear it for 20 years in the local school district – huzzah!


Today my Mom was honored, along with other teachers and staff in her school district, for service milestones at a cocktail hour and ceremony this afternoon.


My Dad, sister-in-law, and even little Finn came out to cheer her on. Literally! Finn yelled (loudly, I might add) “Grammmmmmyyyy!!!” as she stood on stage to collect her certificate.


How can you stay mad at the world when you look at a picture of these two?! Two of my very favorite people ever. :)


10 minutes from now: Taking a hot shower to scrub the past 24 hours off myself and review lessons learned, which are: Pack extra clothes when touring pungent hummus factories (this was literally the one time in my entire life where I didn’t over pack, natch,) book direct flights, and for Heaven’s sake, make sure you know where your spare house key is!!!



Are you a crier when you get upset, angry or frustrated? A swearer? Or are you able to keep your wits about you?

I…Grandma and Dad divert your eyes…am a swearer. Like a friggin’ sailor. It feels good!