Ben and I could NOT agree on how to spend this rainy day!


I wanted to see The Hangover 2, while he was leaning towards an afternoon of brewing and drinking beer. Both got a resounding boo from the other. Then I suggested we go fishing, but he said he won’t go anymore until we get a license, and the place to get them is closed on Sundays. Really?


One thing we could agree on? Lunch at Smokey D’s BBQ!


(Because clearly we didn’t get enough BBQ – or SAUCE – at last night’s festival.


These 10lb 6oz jugs of Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauce the boys bought were heavier than a newborn baby!)


Anyways, Smokey D’s has several locations in Des Moines, but the only one that’s open on the weekend is about 20 minutes away.


We’ve heard some amazing things about their ‘Q, and clearly had no other plans, so we said what the heck and headed over!


The collection of trophies we ran into right inside the front door, including this 6 foot 2010 TLC BBQ Pittmaster Champion one, made us realize real quick that we were in for a treat.


The inside of Smokey D’s is no frills and after ordering from a pretty simple menu, diners are free to snag a booth or table wherever they please. 


We barely had time to start taking in the zillions of winning plaques, ribbons and trophies covering the walls before our food was brought out to us.


One Burnt Ends BBQ Lunch Platter with Baked Beans, Cottage Cheese & Garlic Bread ($7.95), coooomin’ right up! :D


The lunch platter comes with your choice of 1 meat and 2 sides. I chose lighter cottage cheese to sit on the good side of the platter,


and rich baked beans to sit on the evil side. Muwahaha! They were insanely sweet and tasted just like Judy’s Baked Beans – my favorite summer treat!


The garlic bread that also came with the meal was just "ok". If I hadn’t just had Cossetta’s garlic bread – aka garlic bread nirvana – then I probably would have liked it better.


The burnt ends blew my MIND though! I didn’t even know what burnt ends were when I ordered them – I just knew they sounded to delish to miss!


I later learned via Google that burnt ends are the ends of a smoked brisket that are cut off and smoked even further to get extra juicy and tender. Apparently they’re considered a "delicacy" in BBQ cooking because of their high fat content. (I could have gone without knowing that last part…)

Anyways, I chose the mild and sassy BBQ sauces, that come in the sauce caddy at each table, to taste test for smothering my burnt ends in.


Sweet, tangy and slightly spicy Sassy won!


OMG. Burnt ends literally melt in your mouth. They’re fall apart tender and have this awesome crust on the outside. Even though they’re beef, they actually taste just like pork ribs – without the messy fingers and face. Lip-smacking good! :D


Speaking of ribs, Ben got messy with a half rack, 2 sides and a slice of garlic bread ($10.95).


The ribs were hot pink from smoke penetration. Perfection. We both agreed that Smokey D’s does some REAL good ‘Q!


After I hosed Ben off we both agreed that we weren’t ready to go home quite yet, so we stopped by Homemakers to test drive some new living room furniture.


We’re still using the same couches and table set that I had in my first apartment after college. Our living room is practically on its knees begging for a makeover.


Unlike clothes shopping, husbands LOVE couch shopping! ;)


Ok, wives too. "Ahhhh, so comfy, so full, I just need to rest my eyes for a bit…zzzz…"


We didn’t find the perfect set just yet, but I’m obsessed with these oversized, not-quite-a-chair-but-not-quite-a-love-seat pieces. So comfy!


Oh, right, the fact that Homemakers gives out free warm cookies and lemonade may have played a small part in our decision to stop by. ;)


Well despite the ominous forecast, the weather did indeed clear up a bit this evening, so Ben is getting his wish and organizing the ingredients for a good ol’ beer brew. His buddies are coming over in a bit so I think I’ll go join them outside for some chit chat and a drink!

Have a great night!