I don’t know why but I’ve been ridiculously excited for dinner all day long. Like stupid excited. And for what – a cheeseburger?

Fact. A juicy, All-American Cheeseburger!


Because sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most pleasurable.

Hot peanut butter toast.

Cold cucumber slices drizzled with Italian dressing.

Fresh bread smeared with butter.

Peach slices dusted with powdered sugar.

Peanut butter spoons (occasionally studded with chocolate chips – try it.)

Simply seasoned burger patty topped with melted cheese & cold ketchup.


See I was originally going to make this fancy burger with mint, cumin, cinnamon and the works tonight, but the season’s newly arrived heat wave had me feeling a bit nostalgic for a simple summer staple – the classic cheeseburger.  


So that’s what I made. I seasoned 1lb of 90/10 ground beef with Worcestershire sauce, pepper and garlic salt, then formed it into 4 patties.


Then I sent them to meet their maker – a fieryhot grill.


Just a couple minutes on each side, followed by a brief swing on the top rack to melt a slice of American cheese, and these babies were good as gold.


While the burgers cooked, I threw a bunch of trimmed asparagus spears on the grates next door and rolled them every so often ’til they were charred and soft.

DSC_0009 DSC_0013

No oil or anything extra needed.


Once my burgers were smothered in the warm embrace of melted cheese,


It was toppin’ time.


Cold ketchup, a snappy pickle and a soft, sesame-seed bun.


I couldn’t help but smile when I squished the lid on top. The whole thing reminds me a slobbering puppy dog wagging its tail, and as Ben so eloquently put it "There’s nothing that beats a classic-ass burger." Well said my friend. ;)


The fresh corn-off-the-cob sautéed for 1 minute in a pat of butter and sprinkle of salt & pepper certainly threw itself into the ring as a worthy competitor though. Sweet & crispy. I am so deliriously happy that I have a whole summer of this to look forward to!


Complimented so nicely by the charred asparagus. :)


SO glad I went the simple route tonight – this was just what I was craving!


In other news, I am the proud new owner of a…


DSC_0003 (2)

The handle bars are a bit chewed up,


the seat has seen better days,


and the tires are cracking ever so slightly.


But the pedals go ’round,

DSC_0009 (2)

the frame is sturdy,

DSC_0015 (2)

and I got it for the eye-popping price of $25. $25!!! 8O

DSC_0013 (2) 

I am telling you – the universe wanted me to have this bike. Just yesterday I decided that I needed to spend more time on two wheels – for fun, for running errands and for overall fitness – but felt like the heavy mountain bike I currently own is too heavy and clunky to go very far in.


Last night I looked on Craigslist for a womens 48-52′ road bike for sale, and there was nothing to be found. Well, nothing under $1,000, anyways!

DSC_0007 (2)

Imagine my complete and utter delight when I found out my work was having an employee garage sale TODAY, and the first thing I stumbled upon was THIS BIKE. It’s the exact size frame I need, brakes and gears check out fine and it’s just in need of a few cosmetic upgrades. I couldn’t believe my luck!

I cannot wait to hit the…


Tonight I’m hitting the open road on two feet with Ben. We’re workin’ for our dessert – a 2 mile walk to get ice cream, then back.

Suh-mah, suh-mah, suh-mah-ti-iiiime!


What are your favorite "simple pleasure" foods?

Cast your vote for favorite cold summertime sweet treat: Sherbert, ice cream or custard?