Ben reached a new level of oh-no-you-didn’t! tonight. Left to purchase our standard Sunday night Chipotle dinner alone (I was deeply engrossed in an all-day Jersey Shore marathon at home, you see)


he went a little crazy and purchased a burrito bowl "upgrade kit." Yes an UPGRADE KIT, otherwise known as a kids taco meal which comes with mini cups of rice and beans that he used to "plump" his bowl up with. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


He claims he really purchased the upgrade for me, because he knows how much I like to eat my burrito bowl with chips, but once I start on a big bag it’s hard to stop.


The kid’s meal comes with a tiny bag of 10-or-so chips though, which he thought would be just perfect for me.


And it totally was!


Just enough of those lime & salt sprinkled, super crunchy chips to satisfy, but not stuff.


I swear to you, the burrito bowl tastes SO much better with them!


By the way, I think I’m going to start getting my burrito bowl meatless because the chicken I usually get has been a little suspect the past few times I’ve had it. Lots of extra fat and like, tendons, or something. Yuck.


Tonight I just picked around it, as we ate our bowls picnic-style on the floor. :)


It’s too bad they don’t sell those baby bags of chips by themselves because, judging from the food coma Ben is currently suffering from, I’m thinking that will be the last burrito bowl upgrade kit he will be purchasing for awhile! ;)


In other news, I am in a fantabulous mood because I have the day off tomorrow! It’s a good thing too because I was way too busy doing nothing today to get anything done around the house. Sometimes you just need days like that though. ;)

Have a good night!


What’s your most hated household chore? What don’t you mind doing?

I cannot do bathrooms, and I despise unloading the dishwasher. I love vacuuming though. It’s my favorite. Ben and I got a Dyson for our wedding and it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever!