I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I am a junk food junkie. I just might eat Ruffles and Rolos for dinner every night if it were PC…and if I wouldn’t gain 1,000 pounds.

This trait runs in the family. While my little brother and Mom forget to eat at times (to which I always reply, really?) my Dad and I are always on the hunt for a sweet treat or crunchy snack. My older brother? Well, he hides bags of Skittles around his house. I’ll let you decide what side of the gene pool his taste buds came from. ;)

As much as I love me some Doritos and Thin Mints though, I never EVER keep junk food in the house.

Gretchen from the Real Housewives of the OC said it best, when asked if she’d have kids with her boyfriend who can’t even afford child support for his existing son, “I’m madly in love. But I’m not madly in love, and stupid.

Well said, Gretch.

Because yes, while I’m madly in love with BBQ potato chips, Sour Patch Kids and Oreos, I’m not stupid. If I kept them in the house, empty chip bags would blow around like shiny tumbleweeds, sugary hand prints would cover the doorknobs and sleeves of those sweet, cream-filled cookies would disappear overnight. I have Z-E-R-O self control around junk food.

Not to mention, I feel like hell when I eat it.

So, I try and do the right things. I don’t pass by the cookie aisle at the grocery store. I plan out meals so I’m not tempted to get fast food when weeknights get crazy and there’s nothing to make for dinner. I try to avoid the open chip bags at potlucks and parties…ok lets be real, I never avoid the chip bags at potlucks and parties. Oh and all bets are off when it comes to road trips. I can’t imagine a long drive without a bag of sour gummy worms in my hot little hand!

All of that to say…

I made homemade Pizza Rolls tonight, and they were freaking fantastic. :)


Yeah, me and Totino’s Pizza Rolls go way back. That chewy crust and cheesy filling is the stuff pizza dreams are made of. I like to bite the corners off first, squeeze the filling out, then pop the whole thing in my mouth. :)


However, pizza rolls are disgusting and they make me feel disgusting after eating them.


While I was eating my spicy, tangy Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls earlier this week I was struck by a thought. Hey… The texture of these egg rolls totally remind me of pizza rolls…I love pizza rolls…I SHOULD MAKE HOMEMADE PIZZA ROLLS! So I did.


And you should too. They are soooo easy to make and soooo much healthier than that fried & frozen crap!


First, I assembled the ingredients for my Garden Veggie Sausage & Cheese Pizza Rolls: cheddar cheese, baby spinach, cooked chicken sausage and black olives.


Here’s the chicken sausage I used:


Trader Joe’s Garden Vegetable Mushroom & Asiago Chicken Sausage. These are wonderful. There are huge chunks of veggies like carrots & mushrooms in the sausage (which I obviously picked out) but the taste is awesome.


To the ingredients, I added a couple spoonfuls of pizza sauce.


I used this Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce I picked up from Target. Great flavor!


After everything was mixed up, I laid out an egg roll wrapper (leftover from Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls) put about 1/4 cup filling into the middle, wet the edges with water, then rolled it up the same way as last time.


Snug as a bug!


When all my pizza rolls were made, I lined them up on a non-stick sprayed, foil-lined baking sheet, generously sprayed the tops with non-stick spray, then baked at 425 for 20 minutes, flipping and re-spraying the other side halfway through.




Best thing ever. Gold star. First Place. Amazing!!!


The great thing about making homemade pizza rolls is that 1.) YOU control the ingredients that go into your rolls, 2.) they’re baked not fried and 3.) They’re about 4 times the size of regular pizza rolls – muwahahaha!


Eaten with a side of broccoli.


I suppose that while I am cursed with a wicked sweet & salty tooth, I also LOVE fruits & vegetables. And I love cooking. I can’t even imagine how big of a train wreck I’d be it that weren’t the case!


And while I do my gosh-darned very best to avoid junk food as much as possible, and eat as healthy as I can everyday, I still always make room for dessert. Every night. Life is too short not to.

The way I see it, dessert doesn’t necessarily mean junk food. I mean it doesn’t mean health food, but I consider a homemade crispy chocolate peanut butter cup made with natural peanut butter and chocolate chips, a whole lot healthier than a processed, won’t-mold-for-50-years Twinkie. Know what I mean?

Great, now I want a Twinkie.


Do you struggle with being a junk food junkie? Do you keep junk food in the house?