You know when it’s really hot out and you’re like “teeheehee, omg it’s soooo hot out! It must be like 100 degrees!” But it’s actually only 89 degrees, or something, which is still even considered a little fun hot?

Well today we reached “teeheeha-NOOOOOMG THE HEAT INDEX IS 117 FREAKING DEGREES. BRAAWWWrrrr…” hot.

The kind of hot where the instant you leave the relative comforts of an air conditioned building you squirm because you feel a trickle of sweat run down your spine. You trip because your feet stuck themselves to the bottom of your flats. You weep because your jeans are suctioned cupped around your thighs, choking them in a hot, humid death grip…

It’s even…too hot to eat.

I’m know, I’m scared too. But don’t worry, we’ll get through it.

HOW?!” you may ask! With an incredibly refreshing, COLD AS HADES, liquid dinner. Shaken Nectarine Vodka Chillers!




I was trying to think of the coldest, most refreshing non-meal I could make for “dinner” tonight (even a salad sounded repulsive to my heat-induced nauseated state.) Peach Banana “Ice Cream” came to mind, but I didn’t have any frozen peaches. Or bananas, for that matter…

Then I thought about blending the cold cantaloupe half sitting in my fridge, and freezing then scraping it into a refreshing granita. But that takes TIME. Time I didn’t have! I was melting, people!

Suddenly I looked left to the load of stuff I had carried in from the car when I got home from work today. Sitting atop the empty bowl of salad I took for lunch was this:


A mason jar. The mason jar I used to tote my Total Raisin Bran cereal breakfast in to work this morning, then had to use as my glass all day since I forgot a water bottle (which felt so deliciously 1900 farm girl.)

Next I looked right. My last juicy nectarine…


BINGO! Shaken Nectarine Vodka Chillers!!


Mason jar? Check. Nectarines? Check. Vodka? CHECK. Ice? By the skin of my teeth, check! (Ben was trying to hoard it all for the torso-sized water pitcher he was filling up to take to a pick-up soccer game tonight…I’m all for cold hydration, but not when there’s shaken vodka nectarine chillers at stake…)


I started by peeling a nectarine then blending it in my food processor until it was silky smooth.

DSC_0004 (2) DSC_0005 (2)

Then I added about 3/4 of the pulp into the mason jar.


I topped the pulp with one shot of vodka. Mine was just regular vodka, but a fruity, flavored one would be fantastic in here!


Next I added a few raspberries on top.


These are optional, but I had some in the fridge that I needed to use or lose, plus I thought they’d look pretty in there. :)

DSC_0015 (2)

Ice filled the jar about 3/4 of the way up,


and cold club soda topped ‘er off.


Pop the top on, and…


Shake, shake, shake…shake, shake, shake…shake your chill-er. Shake your chill-er!




Cold, sweet, refreshing, fruity and everything I needed! Plus, since its got nearly an entire nectarine in there and I topped the chiller with more raspberries and sliced strawberries, I’m pretty sure it’s considered health food.


How much fun would these be to set out as a drink bar at a party, btw? Seriously – mason jars, fruit, vodka, ice and club soda. Everyone can make their own delicious combos and have so much fun shaking the heck out of ’em!


Cheers to that! :D


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a refill. (This picture is so ten minutes ago.)


Oh, and I’d still rather be hot than cold. Down with the season that shall not be named!