So it turns out 3rd time isn’t always a charm.

This afternoon I figured I’d give my angry bird ONE last chance to calm the heck down and let me peacefully pass by his wretched tree perch located alongside my running trail, as the first two attempts were anything but. I set out on a 3 mile run after work and luckily the first pass by went smoothly. He was nowhere to be seen.


On the way back, though, it was like a scene out of Scarface. He’s all…

You wanna mess with me? You wanna try and sneak by here with no repercussions?? Ok.


Say hello to my little friend!

Circles. Extracts claws. Dive bombs.

OMG NEVER AGAIN! I will officially be crossing the street over the tunnel its perch sits outside of from now on. I can’t take the anxiety, plus I’m sick of looking like a damned fool running around with my arm whooping around my head and screaming as I run for my liiiife!


Dinner, thankfully, was a lot less dramatic. In fact, it was easy, delicious and really fun – Grilled Chicken Gyros!


Ben’s been (ha) begging for gyros lately, but I’m not about to cook lamb (I just can’t) so I took to the Googler to look up a yummy recipe for Chicken Gyros.


Many of the recipes I clicked on had ingredient lists a mile long – you know me, I like to K.I.S.S. – so they were out right away.

Then I clicked on the link for Annie’s Eats’ Chicken Gyros. The ingredient list looked a tad long at first, but upon further inspection I realized I already had most of the items in my house, save for some yogurt and a few produce items. Sweet!


I followed Annie’s recipe, except I used Greek Yogurt instead of regular yogurt to knock out Step 1 in the directions.

First I marinated three pounded chicken breasts in a wonderfully fragrant concoction including dried oregano and lemon, then quickly grilled them for ~3 minutes a side. Then I thinly sliced ’em up!

DSC_0015 DSC_0023

Next I laid out zee toppings for my chicken gyros:


Feta cheese, tomatoes,

DSC_0005 DSC_0007

red onion and tzatziki sauce.

DSC_0019 DSC_0021

I actually made the tzatziki sauce (and the marinade) last night, so the flavors had a chance to meld together and get wonderfully, mouthwateringly delicious.


Finally it was time to assemble my gyros!


I split a Trader Joe’s pita in half,


spooned in a dollop blob of tzatziki sauce (LOVE),


added in the grilled chicken,


then stuffed that baby full of toppings!




These truly tasted like traditional gyros! That sauce was fantastic!


Fellow Iowans – I base all gyros off the insane U of I ped mall gyros (you know the ones) and these were just as good. Plus they’re made with lean grilled chicken breasts, which makes them a bit more accessible and easy to replicate at home. Win.


Ben and I both adored. Thanks Annie! :D


  • Emails, emails, emails!
  • Bachelorette (I stopped watching the season, but want to catch Emily’s interview to see what happened with her and Brad – sadface :( )
  • Laundry!

Have a great night!


What’s your favorite street food?