Ding dong, Ben and Kristin are at the door! ;)

Since we recently decided we’d like to build our own dream home in the country someday, Ben and I spent the entire afternoon house lot hunting!

Before we left I made a big glass of fresh Strawberry Orange Juice for the ride.


Ummm, it was basically the greatest thing ever!!!


3 oranges and 5 strawberries, juiced up with my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer.


Thick, sweet and SO REFRESHING!


I could seriously start every single morning with this concoction. It was magical. :)


A’ight, let’s roll!

We set out with no plan except to just start driving.

The search led us to acreages next to corn fields,

and lots tucked into wooded areas off of dusty gravel roads.

One lot was SO enticing, that we had to get out of the car and explore a little on foot.

(which my flippy-floppied feet were a tad ill prepared for! ;) )

It was so beautiful and remarkably quiet except for the sounds of the birds and the bugs. Heaven. :)

It also came complete with a pond! Fun!

Alas, this 27 acre lot is priced at $450,000 – which is a little out of our price range…just a little. ;) 

I was actually shocked at all the lots and acreages we found for sale.

It’s very encouraging from a buyer’s perspective!

A couple of hours into our search, we headed back to civilization to grab a late lunch at Wok in Motion. It was weird coming from peaceful country roads into the madness of Saturday afternoon traffic. Almost too much stimulation!

At any rate, fluffy, insanely delicious Chicken Fried Rice was devoured, then it was back to the car. 

Driving around today kind of put the whole "living in the country" lifestyle into perspective.

Yeah, it’d be awesome to have so much land and trees all to yourself, 

But there is something to be said for paved streets, a grocery store 2 minutes away and the ability to just go for a run around the neighborhood, which would be difficult on rural, gravel roads.

Still, I think it’s what we both want.

If/when we find a lot that’s perfect for us, we most likely won’t start building for another 2-4 years while we save some money.

Driving around today got us even MORE excited for the future though! :D

Well last night’s Sangria on the back porch turned into going out for a friend’s birthday, and Ben and I are totally wiped. I think I hear a big glass of ice water and DVD calling my name!

Have a great night!


Could you live far away from the gym and grocery store in the country, or would it be too hard to give up the convenience of urban life?