Sticking my finger in the car lighter when I was 5 and telling my Mom that the resulting blister was from a bird that pecked it at the pet store earlier that day so I wouldn’t get in trouble. Oh, 5 year olds.

Randomly deciding to shave my leg (LEG) for the first time in 5th grade, then freaking out and thinking if I left the other one unshaven, my Mom wouldn’t notice what I’d done. She noticed.

Piercing my nose with my girlfriends sophomore year of college, then telling my¬† Dad because I thought he’d be the “cool” parent who’d understand and not tell my Mom. He didn’t, then did.

Trying to trick my husband who knows all and sees all. Ask and you shall receive: Failed Swedish Meatball Trickery.

I thought I was being soooooo clever and it’s CLEAR that he knew what I was up to the. entire. time. DANG!!! ;)


What have you almost gotten away with?