Well it seems you’re never too old to get spoiled by your parents! I got home from work today and found my in-laws, who are in town visiting on vacation, outside and sweating their life away doing ALL OF OUR YARD WORK!

Ben hasn’t mowed in weeks (although, there’s been no rain so the grass wasn’t too long – ok, it was horrendously long,) and I haven’t so much as thought about weeding since the last time I ventured out there, so they took it upon themselves to take care of ALL of it while we were at work today!

As happy as it made us, we felt like such sorry dogs.

They had even gone out earlier in the day to get all the food we needed to have a proper, BBQ feast for dinner this evening. Right??


My in-laws are the best! And I’m not just saying that because they weed and mow our lawn while we’re at work, and buy us New York Strip Steaks that are bigger than Ben’s head…


No, I truly lucked out in the in-law department, and couldn’t have asked for a better second set of parents. :)


Since they did all the shopping and grunt work, Ben and I agreed to prepare dinner while they relaxed on the back porch with a cold, much-deserved brewsky. The center of our soon-to-be feast were these HUGE New York Strip Steaks that they picked up for under $30 at Fareway.


Seriously – they had to have been at least 16oz each!


Ben, the grill master, seasoned the steaks with olive oil, garlic salt and pepper, then cooked them to medium-rare on a piping hot grill.


While the steaks were a-grillin’ I sliced up a giant yellow zucchini, drizzled it with some olive oil and sprinkled on Grill Mates Veggie Seasoning.

DSC_0579 DSC_0581

They joined the steaks on the grill for a few minutes on each side,


and in the time it took for my in-laws to finish one beer, we were ready to chow!


We setup shop on the back porch under the big umbrella and dug in.


Can you say summer feast? I can’t get over the colors in this meal!


Sunny yellow squash was smoky and tender,


Peaches & Cream sweet corn was better than candy,


and a platter of rub-red, uber-juicy tomatoes, bell pepper and cucumbers made a perfect platter to crunch on.


I will miss you this Fall, home-grown tomaters!


Everyone grabbed a cold beverage, and cheers’d to family. :)


After I hit “publish” I’m heading back out to re-join the fun!


Then take a cue from Ben’s parent’s dog and, um, PASS. OUT.


This has been a long week, and I am SO tuckered out!

Talk to ya’ tomorrow!


Do you get along with your in-laws/boyfriend or girlfriend’s family?