I had a few special visitors this morning – a local news anchor and cameraman (with his HD camera – hello pores!) to tape a fun segment in my kitchen! I’ll give ya’ more details in just a couple weeks. Ahh! :D


PS major props to those who work in front of a camera/speak for a living. They make it look so easy. I feel like I turn into a goobery, awkward mess when it’s my turn! Tips? :)

Speaking of awkward, I am seriously obsessed with the show Awkward on MTV. I missed a few of the beginning episodes, so this morning after taping I let ’em roll on my laptop while I tidied up the house, pumped myself up for a lovely 3.5 mile trail run, and even while I huffed & puffed my way through this workout circuit from The Fitnessista!

Circuit 1 (repeat 3 times)

  • Stability ball hamstring curl (12 reps)
  • Stability ball overhead pass (10 reps)
  • Stability ball back extension (10 reps)

Circuit 2 (repeat 3 times)

  • Push ups (12 reps)
  • Squats holding weights (I held 2-5lb weights) (12 reps)
  • Tricep dips (12 reps)

Circuit 3 (repeat 3 times – each exercise with 5lb weighs in each hand)

  • Shoulder presses (12 reps)
  • Lateral raises (12 reps)
  • Bicep curl/plie squat combo (12 reps)

Ab Burner (1 time through)

  • 50 sit ups —> I die
  • 50 crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • 25 bicycle crunches

What can I say, hamstring curls go faster when you’re watching witty, teen dramadies. ;) Have you seen Awkward yet?

Now, Friday afternoons are becoming synonymous with random, what can I throw together and have it semi resemble a meal kind of lunches, so after showering up, I combined fridge & pantry forces and came up with this. ↓


That’d be teeny-tiny potatoes (actual, adorable name) from Trader Joe’s, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder, then roasted at 425 degrees for 24 minutes, shaking the pan half way through.


I am OBSESSED with these babies!


The insides shrink away from the skins while they roast, so when you bite down they kind of POP like a balloon. Awesome.


Plus they’re just so dang cute! :)


Rounding out the plate was a big, baby spinach salad.


In the mix:

  • Torn baby spinach
  • Baby carrots
  • Honeycrisp apple
  • Chopped peanuts
  • Basil


I drizzled on extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper for a simple, delectable dressing, and it was, dare I say, perfect?!


Well this evening my family and I are whisking my Mom off to dinner and drinks for her birthday next week! I hope she has fun – she deserves it!!


Talk to you tomorrow! :)


How do you feel about speaking in front of an audience, or giving presentations?

I am usually a nervous wreck when I have to speak in front of large groups of people. Sweat, awkwardness – the whole 9 yards. Guess that’s why I write a blog! ;)