Store-bought gnocchi is sauteed in a skillet until crisp, rather than being boiled, in Crispy Pesto Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese. This meal is fast and absolutely fabulous!


If the couple that hits the mall, grocery store, and gym together, stays together, then I think Ben and I are pretty much covered for the next couple of years. ;)

Lazy Sunday fundays are for the birds (at least that’s what we tried to convince ourselves of today!) as Ben and I have been on the go following each others shadows since early this morning. A trip to the mall together to take advantage of some great sales was followed by grocery shopping, attending a work event for my Dad, then a trip to the gym.

Do not adjust your monitors – you read that correctly. I actually went to gym today. Whee! :D After weeks and weeks (and weeks and weeks!) of avoidance, Ben finally convinced me to go this afternoon.

Every year I find it really hard to transition back to the revolving wheel of death treadmill (it’s SOO boring!) after running in the great outdoors all summer long, but the weather’s only getting colder, and it had to happen sooner or later.

So we made the trip, hopped on neighboring treadmills and got down to bidness. Him with whatever he does (do men do treadmill routines?) and me with my trusty 30 Minute 3-2-1 Treadmill Routine to get back in the groove:

Running on the trail is much more satisfying, but I had been over-dreading this workout and we were heading home before I knew it. After a quick shower – dinner. We were famished. Crispy Pesto Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese to the rescue!

Ben proclaimed “We only eat gnocchi this way from now on.” after his first bite of this crunchy, creamy delight. Aye aye Captain!


The recipe for this incredible dish comes from Dave & Sarah @ I Cup Awesome. It is, as it’s owner’s blog’s name implies – awesome. :)


Pre-packaged gnocchi is sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, that’s been permeated with a crushed garlic clove, until each yummy bite is CRISP and CRUNCHY.




Next, fresh pesto and cherry tomatoes are added to the skillet, before everything’s mixed up.

DSC_0889 DSC_0891


The tangy, creamy goat cheese melted on top mingles with the garlicky pesto and juicy tomatoes in one, Heavenly forkful.


And the gnocchi are audibly crunchy which makes it feel like you’re eating something between a tator tot and a dumpling. Ok, terrible description – but seriously, it’s so delicious and we gobbled our dinners up. :)


I followed Dave & Sarah’s recipe except I added a crushed clove of garlic in the olive oil for flavor, made homemade pesto, and used a little less than 1/3 cup of it. Otherwise, it’s all them. MAKE THIS, mmkay? K.


Dessert was a Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookie.


These should be named Pumpkin GingerCRACK Cookies.


I had about 1,400 last night, which turned out to be THE best evening.


Care to witness Ben’s first fire in our home? :D


Ok, so it was probably still in the 60s last night when the Hawkeyes came on TV, (and killed it, btw!) but we were making that fire to enjoy while we watched come hell or high water, damnit!


My parents came over join in on the fun too. :)

DSC_0825 DSC_0835

My Dad made a big pot of his famous Spicy Gumbo to share, which we all enjoyed ’round the crackling fire.


It was so nice…we did it twice!


It’s still light out, and definitely 65 degrees, but Ben’s getting another fire blazing as we speak, hahaha! Why haven’t we been doing this for the last 3 years? It’s seriously the best! ;)


Well I hope you all had a great weekend! Mornings are getting colder, and days are getting shorter. I can’t believe how fast October is going! Have a great week!


Anyone else making the transition from outdoors to indoors for their workouts?