Happy Saturday everyone!

The KCCI appearance went swimmingly yesterday morning! It was much easier this time, since I knew what to expect as far as timing and camera placement, and Bobby Flay would be so proud – I got the food on the plate! ;)

Cheese Stuffed Meatball Sliders

These puppies are lean ground beef meatballs stuffed with hunks of cut up mozzarella cheese sticks – you know, like the string cheese kind? Then they’re browned on both sides and finished in simmering marinara sauce.

The melty cheese in the middle oozes out after you take your first bite. So yum! The video isn’t online, but here’s the link to the Meatball Sliders recipe.

After the news I ran around like a crazy person all day, ticking errand after errand off my list, before Ben and I face planted (read: passed out) in the middle of a glass of wine and chips and salsa circa 9pm…’cause we’re crazy like that.

It was probably for the best since I had to be up bright and early this morning to say goodbye to the downtown Farmers’ Market. It was the last one of the season!

I feel like the first one was just a few weeks ago?! I still maintain that this was the fastest summer of my life. Anyone out there feel me?

It was only 35 degrees at 9am but nevertheless, my Mom and I bundled up and said goodbye to all of our favorites – including the Pupusa Tent which tragically had a line at least 20 minutes long. We were too cold to wait, so instead we vowed to find their brick & mortar restaurant and go this winter.

Besides, we had a Cinnamon Crisp from the Dutch treats tent to snack on! Oooo, this was like thin and flaky pie crust smashed with cinnamon-sugar. Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch on ‘roids, if you will!

Afterwards we dominated the mall for a few few hours before I came home to feast on leftover Chicken Enchilada Pasta, doused with green Tabasco sauce, for lunch. OMG that stuff made this dish. Green Tabasco sauce isn’t that spicy – rather, it has a great tangy flavor.


A trip to Costco with Ben (where it was so crazy I got rammed into by no less than 10 carts – so sad!) to get CANDY, CANDY and more CANDY was next!


Normally I would never allow Costo-sized bags of straight up sugar anywhere near my house, due to my severe candy addiction condition, but it’s for the kids, mmkay? Beggar’s Night is tomorrow!


In most parts of the country, kids go Trick or Treating on Halloween, but around here they usually do it one or two days before.


Since the little ghosts and goblins will be arriving promptly at 6pm tomorrow, we had to stock up on treats to pass out. I, of course, had to taste them to make sure they are safe, and I’m happy to report that the nerds are definitely safe. And the starbursts. The starbursts are super safe.

DSC_0614 DSC_0621

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the Iowa Hawkeyes basically hand their football game over to Minnesota, sooo…




Not sure what’s on the docket tonight. Definitely probably not more candy eating though! ;


Hope you had a great Saturday!


What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Mine’s fun-size chocolate bars, which is why I always buy fruity bags of candy to pass out. Obviously I’ll eat some, but I won’t eat as many as I would if it was a bag of fun size Snickers and 100 Grand bars!