It’s been a pretty exciting day – what with buying a new bed frame for the guest room, buzzing Ben’s hair, AND seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 again! ;)


A friend asked if I wanted to go and there was no arm twisting needed.

KRISTEN STEWART and ROBERT PATTINSON star in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN-PART 1 Ph: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP © 2011 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved. twilight-breaking-dawn1-06

I’m still appalled that we have to wait until next November to see part 2, but until then, I’ll always have my books.

Yeeah, straight re-reading the series to tide me over – for a few weeks, anyways. Although I’m skipping the first book since I’ve seen the corresponding movie about 14 times on FX over the past two weeks. I realize this all makes me sound slightly deranged. Oh well. :)

DSC_0677 DSC_0699

We went to an early afternoon movie, so I whipped up a big, bubbling pot of Chili Verde for dinner when I got home.


Sundays have been screaming soup! lately. :)


This is one of my favorite cold-weather recipes to make because not only is it ready in 30 minutes, but it’s got a warmth and spice that few other chilies or soups have.


Start by sauteing onions in vegetable oil, then add in smoky cumin and yummy garlic.

DSC_0654 DSC_0665

OMG the first thing I saw when I opened the spice cupboard to grab the cumin was the dill weed which, for some reason, made me laugh for legit 5 minutes. Dill weed!


Uh, anyways – there’s three kind of heat in my Chili Verde. Mild from diced green chilies, tangy from green Tabasco sauce,

DSC_0659 DSC_0663

and spicy from fire roasted jalapenos.


I usually use pickled jalapenos in this recipe, but I saw these at the store today and decided to give them a whirl.


Simmer the chilies with chicken broth, more spices and chopped chicken before adding a slurry of milk and cornmeal to thicken the whole thing up.

DSC_0670 DSC_0672

Like I said, you’ll be ready to eat in just 30 minutes! :)


One of the other reasons why I love this chili is because it doesn’t really need anything extra. Sure, a cooling dollop of sour cream, or sprinkle of shredded jack cheese on top would be nice, but it doesn’t really need it.


Each thick and hearty bite is bursting with flavor, all on its own!


Click here for the full recipe!

In other news, after taking a brief hiatus from the gym over the past week or so, I am excited to jump back in tomorrow with a holiday workout challenge in tow. I’ll explain more tomorrow, but it should be fun (?)! ;)

Have a great night! :)


What’s the last movie you saw or rented? Would you recommend it?