Things are looking up around here!


After a night of R&R, Ben and I both finally felt well enough to run errands this afternoon, including a stop at Jimmy John’s for vegetarian subs for lunch. Neither of us are vegetarians, but both agree that JJ’s v-sub is the best thing on the menu. It’s the garlicky avocado spread, me thinks. :)

A Costco run was next so Ben could pick up The Help (my copy was a Kindle loan from the library, and he refuses to use a Kindle anyway…) and we could get some dessert. ;) A mini sample of Krusteaz’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookie Supreme did the trick. Seeeriously, one of the best cookies EVER!!

ben1   cookie1

Ben took a turn for the worse after a hefty kielbasa sample (The Code bit him in the butt,) so I dropped him off at home and went to the gym to crank out this 42 minute, 4.6 mile treadmill routine while watching the Travel Channel’s Top 10 Caribbean Beaches countdown. By the end I was tired, sweaty, and more than ready to move to White Bay Beach! ;)

Time Speed
0-1 4.0
1-6 6.5
6-11 7.0
11-16 7.5
16-21 6.5
21-26 7.0
26-31 7.5
31-41 6.0
41-42 4.0
Total: 4.6 Miles

After a quick change, I got to workin’ on dinner – Chicken Pot Pie Soup.


I knew I wanted to make soup tonight, because a weekend without a batch of soup feels somehow incomplete these days, but also wanted something semi light after a good run. This skinny Chicken Pot Pie Soup recipe was just the ticket.


Thick and totally decadent-tasting, without weighing me down.


Start the soup by slowly bringing milk and water up to a boil in a large soup pot, stirring pretty much the entire time. Make sure it’s slow and low heat, otherwise the milk will scald on the bottom of the pot.


Once boiling, add in celery, red onion, and frozen mixed veggies.

DSC_0854  DSC_0858

Add a few pinches of black pepper and thyme,

DSC_0860  DSC_0861

and a couple chicken bullion cubes, then simmer ’til the veggies are soft.



Next add in small diced potatoes,


poached-then-chopped chicken breast, and a quick slurry of water and flour to make the soup uber creamy.

DSC_0879  DSC_0875

Then watch it go from liquid to luxurious before your eyes. Mmm!


This soup tastes exactly like chicken pot pie filling, but has a fraction of the fat and calories.


Ben said things I cannot even repeat about it!


Since we ditched the calorie-laden pie crust that usually tops a chicken pot pie, I made us Parmesan Garlic Bread for the side. That’s just a piece of bread spread with a little Earth Balance, dusted with parmesan cheese, then broiled ’til golden brown.

DSC_0920  DSC_0922

Oh-so satisfying! :D


Click here for the recipe!

In other news…

I’ve decided to get rid of excess sugar in my diet during the week. My sugar consumption is borderline ridiculous, and it’s really just time to get real and stop the madness.

I’m not going completely sugarless – I’ll still eat my Chobani, which has added sugar, and fruit for instance – but from Monday to Friday I’m going to do my gosh darn best to say no to baked goods, CANDY, and the like, saving treats for Saturday and Sunday instead.

Why the change? Well for one, it’s just not healthy. Also, I’m at an age where I can definitely tell things are not bouncing back quite like they did when I was in my lower 20s. Finally, I’m mindful to not eat a lot of pre-packaged, over-processed foods in my everyday life, so why shouldn’t that include the sweet stuff?

The trial run is from tomorrow (I was supposed to start today, but popped that damn cookie at Costco before I even realized what I was doing…oh well, worth it,) until Valentine’s Day – one month.

I’m calling it Sugar Free Jebruary, because half the time will be in January, and the other half in February. Get it?


Anyways, I’ve stocked up on healthy options for when my sweet tooth starts screaming, including:

I’ll still use powdered stevia from Trader Joe’s in my morning coffee, along with skim milk, but other than that it’s time to practice a little self control. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and please join me if you’d like!

With that, I’m off to not eat graham crackers during The Bachelor.



Do you feel you eat too much sugar? Have you ever tried to cut back? How did it go?