Hello from beneath the snow!


After a winter where we’ve had maybe 5 inches of measurable snow – total – central Iowa finally got her first storm yesterday. Ben’s ecstatic. He’s a snow guy. I’m ticked. I’m a beach girl. Hmph! ;)


While the white stuff is far from my favorite, the fact that it fell all. day. long. yesterday, left me little choice but to stay home off the roads. Snow day – wheee!


Hello Chopped marathon, self mani, and finally finishing a DIY project that’s laying half done for weeks.

Mmmyeah, didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped. On the left is the inspiration for my paint chip DIY wall art piece from A Beautiful Mess. On the right, um, a legit beautiful mess. Sure, colorful paint chips layered on top of each other to mimic a pixelized beach scene is colorful and pretty, but the fact that I apparently can’t measure for ‘ish, made the final product a big, hot mess with uneven lines. Also, what was I thinking with the random pink paint chip? Blerg!


It was supposed to hang above the bed of the remade guest room, but now I”m not so sure what to do with it. Maybe I’ll put modge podge on top and some wood stain to give it an antique look?! We shall see.

Anywho, as nice as it was to have an excuse to do nothing yesterday, Ben and I are both suffering a bit from cabin fever, and are excited to get out and head to a friend’s place for a Super Bowl watching partay in a bit. We’re bringing Slimmed Down Buffalo Chicken Dip, Mini Corn Dog Muffins, Bacon Wrapped Dates, and Salscamole.

Nobody’s leaving hungry, that’s for sure! ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Talk to me! What was the highlight of your weekend?