25 of the BEST fall recipes – from dinners to desserts, snacks and more!


I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to bring you my favorite recipe roundup of the year! Wait, did I already use that claim up on my 4th of July recipe roundup? Doesn’t matter. Fall, my friends, is what eating deliciously is all about.

Seeing as how tomorrow is October 1st, I decided I better get to gettin’ on sharing all my best apple, pumpkin, brussels sprout, kale, sausage, cider, sage, cinnamon, cranberry, and most importantly – bourbon – containing recipes before the leaves flutter down and the white stuff starts to fly.

I feel like last weekend’s Applefest activities really kicked off the season mentally for me. So long watermelon, sweet corn, and peaches, hello cider, squash, and pumpkin. Are you rubbing your hands together with glee like I am at this moment?

We haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market in way too long, but I’m excited to get back and pick up all my favorite fall produce to crank out these 25 BEST fall recipes in as short of time as possible. From easy skillet dinners, to doughy cookies, and bubbly soups, I hope you’re able to make and enjoy many of my favorite fall recipes from the site over the next couple of months!

But first, tell me, what do you like best about transitioning from summer to fall? 

I love everything from switching to warm lattes from iced, pulling on boots instead of flip flops, opening the windows to let the crisp air wash through the house, snuggling under a blanket because of the chill in the air (and not because of the AC!) and eating all the Honeycrisps I can get my hands on!


Smoked Sausage, Kale, and Cider Quinoa Skillet

This dish is so fall is makes me want to serve it inside a hallowed out pumpkin, or something. That didn’t make sense, but savory sausage, spiced cider, hearty kale, and a hint of fresh sage, all married into one easy skillet dinner does. I LOVE this recipe!

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Soft Batch Apple Cider Gingersnap Cookies (Gluten-Free)

These apple cider-spiked cookies are doughy and chewy – so addicting. I love the cider-spice flavors, and crunchy sugar coating on top.

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Apple Orchard Panini

Got a jar of apple butter in your fridge and have no idea what to use it in? Slap it onto a couple slices of bread with turkey, brie, and sliced apples, then press it until crunchy. TRUST ME – one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

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Apple Cheddar Stuffed Chicken with Apple-Dijon Pan Sauce

Ben recently told me that his Mom made him and his brothers snack plates of cheese, crackers, and apples all the time when he was a kid, which might be why he recreated the flavors in this tasty stuffed chicken recipe. This dish looks impressive but is incredibly simple and made with fridge and pantry staples. Obviously tell your family you slaved over it though!

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Autumn Chopped Salad

All my favorite fall flavors chopped into bite-sized pieces so you get a taste of everything in each forkful. This salad not only looks gorgeous but is full of yummy textures and flavors.

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Crock Pot Sweet Potato and Quinoa Turkey Chili

This is one of my most popular crock pot recipes on the site and I sure know why! Ground turkey, quinoa, and chopped sweet potato are slow cooked to perfection. Don’t forget the chips, cheese, and avocado. They really complete each bite!

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EASY Bourbon Caramel Apples with Pecans

If you’re hosting or attending a Halloween party this year, promise me you’ll make or bring a batch of these boozy caramel apples. They are decadent tasting but super easy to make. Ben likes to sip whisky while eating caramels or cinnamon crackers (SUCH an old man,) which speaks to how well the flavors go together. Plus they’re just plain fun!

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Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Spaghetti Carbonara

Oh hello, best pasta dish that ever existed, EVER. I created this dish after reminiscing about Ben’s and my trip to Italy several years back, and honest to goodness I like it better than any plate of pasta we had on the streets of Rome. That’s how good it is. Must try for all my fellow carb lovers out there!

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Apple Crisp Muffins

Are they dessert? Breakfast? These babies can be anything you want them to be! Think perfectly sweet and fluffy, apple-studded muffin topped with crunchy crisp topping. DA BOMB.

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Apple Almond Quinoa with Maple Sausage

The first time I made this recipe I ate the whole thing in one day then Ben found quinoa stuck in my hair later that night. That is to say, this fall-flavor-packed dish is really, really good. Good hot, cold, or room temperature. Good here, there, or anywhere. Side note: been reading too much Dr. Seuss lately.

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Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Breast with Creamy Wild Rice Stuffing & Cranberry-Apple Chutney

The flavors in this comforting, filling meal will remind you of Thanksgiving, but it’s easy enough to make anytime this fall.

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Kale Chopped Salad with Maple Almond Vinaigrette

I recreated this salad based on one I had in Kansas City a few years ago and it is a stuuuunner. I can’t even look at this picture because I’m getting too hungry. Need to make again ASAP. Moving on!

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Quinoa with Caramelized Butternut Squash and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

The perfect little fall side dish! This is another recipe that’s good hot or cold. Serve it up with sauteed chicken or pork chops, and dinner is done.

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Apple Cider Pancakes with Maple Cider Syrup

Have you ever made pancakes that, when you flip ’em, puff right up and make you squeal with delight? That’s these pancakes. Light and fluffy, topped with the most incredible apple and cider-infused maple syrup topping. Make every weekend for as long as possible.

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Kale and Wild Rice Bowls with Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette

I recreated this dish from a visit to SweetGreen in Washington DC last year and psst! I like my version better. I even tried the SG version the last time I was in DC to confirm, and yep! Got ’em beat. Mic drop.

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Mini Pumpkin Sticky Buns

This recipe is from my gluten-filled days, and I haven’t found a gluten-free replacement for the dough, but gluten eaters? Make then devour a batch or 7 of these mini pumpkin sticky buns for me, will ya’? They’re pumpkin-flavored miniature sticky buns like you get at a bakery. So easy to make at home. Love ’em!

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Caramelized Sweet Potato and Kale Fried Wild Rice

Fried rice with a fall spin! This dish will trick your tastebuds. Your eyes see stir fry, but your tongue tastes sweet potatoes, wild rice, and a maple-dijon dressing. Absolutely adore this side dish!

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Warm Kale Salad with Bacon, Dates, Almonds, Crispy Shallots, and Parmesan

If you like bacon-wrapped dates, you are going to go bonkers for this salad. Mouthwatering, craveable, crunchy, crispy, creamy, savory, sweet, warm, cold – all. the. things. This is definitely in the top 3 of all salad recipes on IGE!

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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Smoky-Roasted Chickpeas and Bacon

For years I resisted making butternut squash soup because I just couldn’t get past the texture – or rather, lack thereof. Then, inspiration struck. I’d top each creamy, dreamy bowl of rich and roasty butternut squash soup with crunchy, smoky-roasted chickpeas! And bacon, of course, because, of course.

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Apple, Almond, Bacon & Brussels Sprouts Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

Speaking of bacon…have you ever tried a warm bacon-infused dressing on your salad? Gotta give it a go! This salad is crunchy to the max, and full of hearty, fall flavors.

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Orchard Turkey Burgers

If you’ve given up on turkey burgers in the past because they turn out too dry, grate fresh apples into the mix and be amazed. These burgers are juicy and even better tasting when topped with sweet caramelized onions and drippy melted brie.

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Shortcut Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto

Butternut squash and sage are a classic fall pairing, and this risotto does it justice. Cubes of butternut squash melt into the creamy risotto, accented with herby sage. Plus check out my time-saving risotto-cooking trick!

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Brown Butter and Crispy Sage Popcorn

I use a lot of sage in fall cooking because it grows unchecked in my garden each year. Aka, I’ve got a lot of it. ;) None if it tastes better than when fried in browned butter then tossed with freshly popped popcorn though. This is one of my favorite snacks of ALL TIME. Get out of your microwave popped popcorn rut for your next movie night and try this recipe instead!

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Starbucks Clone Pumpkin Scones

Another pre-gluten-free days recipe that I haven’t tried with gluten-free flour yet, but AP flour users – get on these Starbucks knock off scones ASAP! They are cakey vs the coffee shop’s dry and crumbly and are seriously just one of the best fall treats on the planet.

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Smoked Sausage and Chicken Gumbo

I may have saved the best for last! My Dad always had a pot of gumbo bubbling away on the stove on fall weekend afternoons growing up. We’d scoop in our mugs then enjoy while watching a football game or reading. Last year my brothers and I challenged my Dad to a gumbo cook off and, guess what? I won! I cannot wait to keep a big pot of this smoked sausage and chicken gumbo on the stove nearly nonstop this fall (and during the season that shall not be named.)

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Happy fall, y’all!