From beauty products, to kitchen appliances, and everything in between, spoil Mom with any of these Mother’s Day gift ideas she’ll be obsessed with!

From beauty products, to kitchen appliances, and everything in between, spoil Mom with any of these Mother's Day gift ideas I'm obsessed with! |

This year will be my first Mother’s Day as a Mama of two and I couldn’t be happier, nor feel more lucky, to be a Mom. Truly all I need this May 14th is a showering of hugs and kisses from my mini men…though sleeping in, an almond milk latte, and solo trip to Target would be nice, too!

Now, Ben’s not the kind of guy who will take “nothing!” as a legitimate answer to what I want for a holiday, and I’m sure many of your spouses and partners are the same. Plus I’m not about to let my and Ben’s Mom go empty handed this Mother’s Day. That said, in today’s episode of Just 5 Things, I’ve rounded up 5+ fun and unique gift ideas I know any Mom would love (including myself because I’m obsessed with them all!)

Yep, today I’m sharing gifts for the essential oil/all natural beauty product-loving Mom, the Mom who loves comfy yet stylish clothes, women who love to cook, and every personality in between.

Flowers are nice, of course, and nothing beats just being together for Mother’s Day, but if you really want to surprise Mom this year, gift her one of these fun picks. And maybe a mimosa + breakfast in bed?? It’s the right thing to do!


1. Little Barn Apothecary Products

This past weekend I visited friends in Madison, WI (??) and while cruising State Street we ducked into a cute shop that had a ton of age inappropriate clothing, but also some fabulous lifestyle products including ones from Little Barn Apothecary. The company was founded in 2015 by two men looking to create modern apothecary goods crafted from organic, all-natural, wild-harvested ingredients. Love it!

I couldn’t resist spritzing my neck with a tester of Coconut + Mint Cooling Mineral Mist and the refreshing scent inspired me to buy a bottle on the spot. I can see myself using this every morning to help me wake up, after spending time in the summer sun, or as a refresher between work and happy hour. It smells SO good!

I’m deeply saddened I didn’t buy a rollerball of this Collect Anxiety Pulse Point Therapy for stressful moments throughout the day (hi two young kids,) as well as this Charcoal + Aloe Face Cleanser. If your Mom likes essential oils / all natural beauty products – these items would make wonderful, thoughtful gifts.


2. Anything Athleta

I didn’t start shopping at Athleta until earlier this year but it’s quickly become the first place I turn to when I need new clothes. From my experiences so far, the products are high quality and stylish, plus they have this “super soft” line of clothes that legit, could not be softer. I am so obsessed. If your Mama likes comfy-yet-cute clothes, a couple pieces from Athleta would be such a treat for her.

I don’t personally own this Studio Wrap but a friend does and it’s adorableIt’s made with their super soft material and is casual enough to wear around the house or to the grocery store, but could be paired with dress pants and worn to the office. Basically if Mom is always complaining about being cold – this is a must have for her.

I own this Studio Cinch Sweatshirt in Heather Blue (color currently unavailable) and it’s my #1 favorite piece of clothing. Again it’s part of their “super soft” line and I’ve washed it at least a dozen times now and there’s been zero pilling.

Bottom line, this Mama would be thrilled to receive literally anything from Athleta. OBSESSED!


3. Phillips Airfryer

Ben knows I am very anti-kitchen gadgets and appliances – I prefer to keep as little as possible on the kitchen countertops – but he took a risk and got me a Phillips Airfryer for our anniversary last month. I know everyone is team Instant Pot at the moment, but consider joining us on Airfryer island. This thing is AWESOME!

So far we’ve made everything from homemade chicken nuggets, to homemade sweet potato fries, “roasted” broccoli, and even just plain chicken breasts – all with little to no oil. I had cleaned out a space in a cupboard to store the machine but it’s now a countertop staple. This would be a great gift for a Mom who has more decadent tastes but is trying to eat healthier (though I guess that’s like…everyone?)

The Airfryer is a bit of an investment, so this would be a great gift to go in on with your siblings or Dad – or whoever – for Mom.


4. Family Portrait Session

I can’t take credit for this idea – my good friend/photographer Lindsey Koch suggested the gift of a family portrait session for your Mom/wife/partner for Mother’s Day this year. Isn’t that the best idea?! You don’t need to actually take the photos on Mother’s Day, as I’m sure Mom will want to pick out outfits, etc., but buy the session from a photographer then have her pick out a date. I promise she’ll be so touched and thrilled. Obsessed with this idea.

(Psst: if you live in Central Iowa, Minneapolis, or anywhere in between, give Lindsey a call – she is the absolute best and children love her!)


5. Initial Necklaces

This was another find from that cute shop on State Street in Madison – 2 Letter Initial Necklaces from Kris Nations. My friend and I audibly gasped at how tiny and dainty the chain and letters are (here’s a size example.) The shop only had an “L” so I ordered the necklace with the correct initials online the day after I got home – sorry Ben! Probably should have suggested this as a Mother’s Day gift option before purchasing but I couldn’t wait another day to wear my little guys’ initials around my neck.

Kris Nations has a 3 letter initial necklace, if you need it, and I also thought these “Mama” and “Stay Wild Child” locket necklaces were so sweet. What Mama wouldn’t want to keep their children’s initials close to their heart?


BONUS! Winc Wine Club

For the Mamas who love wine – hello Winc Wine Club! This is a fun little wine club as you fill out a questionnaire to start – how you like your coffee, how adventurous are you when it comes to food, etc – then they pick out 4 wines for you each month based on your answers and feedback, AND ship them free. Yeehaw! You can sign up now and get $20 off your first order. I just ordered mine. Again, SORRY BEN! ?

What are you giving/wishing for on Mother’s Day this year?