Enjoy the freshest flavors of the season with a summer cooking bucket list! From sizzling grilled dishes to fresh salads, and sweet desserts, savor these 60 gluten-free recipes while you can.

Collage of summer cooking bucket list recipes.

Despite the $18 price tag on the Santa Claus melon I was semi-tricked into buying at the grocery store earlier this week, summer has clearly ARRIVED!! Not technically I suppose but June 1st + 90+ degrees + perma tank tops on this swelling mom bod = we made it.


So this freaking melon. The little boys and I went grocery shopping earlier this week and out of nowhere Lincoln decides he wants to buy ALL THE THINGS. At one point I practically had to pry a bag of celery from his tiny fists as he attempted to Peyton Manning it into the cart. In the spirit of trying something new though, I said yes to his request to bring home a Santa Claus melon that we randomly found by some cantaloupe. We’d never heard of it, the $4.99 price tag seemed a little steep despite it being melon season, and I was certain that nobody in the family would like it, but sometimes you just have to say yes. Plus, with a name like “Santa Claus melon”, there was no way we were going leaving the store without it.

Fast forward 20 minutes later and we’re checking out. Cam’s squawking, we see a friend at the end of the line and start chatting, the cashier is asking for my rewards card – bottom line, things are hectic. I’m not sure what made me snap my attention back to the monitor with the list of items that had already been rung up, but there it was at the bottom in bold, angry letters: Santa Claus Melon. $4.99. A pound.


That’s an $18 melon you guys!!! I practically had to hold back the throw up and should have immediately asked the cashier to reverse the charge but like I said, I was already a little frazzled and didn’t want to add a squawking 4 year old to the crazy mix, so we left the store with a near $20 whimsically-named melon. Yeaaahhhh.

Best of all (being sarcastic here,) the boys hated it. Ok I can’t blame them – it basically tasted like nothing. Scraped the meat into a bag then into the freezer it went. That’s going to be one expensive batch of popsicles! Oh well, you live and you learn…then you only buy $0.99 cantaloupes for the rest of the the summer.

Anyway, unlike our expensive, taste-free melon, the recipes on my Summer Cooking Bucket List are in-season and filled with flavor! I think I say this every time, but this is officially my favorite recipe roundup ever. Stamp that ish.

Over 60, gluten-free, summery recipes filled with the most craveable flavors of the season. Strawberries, steak, and sweet corn. Baked beans, blueberries, and BBQ. What a great time of year to eat! I’m so glad to have this list handy so I can refer back to it when I’m attempting to make spaghetti – AGAIN – next Monday. That said, pin this post, share it, tweet it, bookmark it, love it, so you can check off all the summer bucket list recipes with me over the next couple of months. Ready to get cooking?!

Desserts and Drinks

Gluten-Free No-Bake Strawberry Shortcake Icebox Cake

Gluten-Free No-Bake Strawberry Shortcake Icebox Cake is a perfectly sweet, gluten-free summer dessert recipe. Just 5 ingredients and make-ahead, too! | iowagirleats.com


Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Dirt Cake

Help anyone with a gluten intolerance or dairy allergy feel like a kid again with Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Dirt Cake! Rich and creamy, it's the perfect summertime treat. | iowagirleats.com


Blueberry Almond Crisp


Peanut Butter S’Mores Cheesecake Ball

Peanut Butter S'Mores Cheesecake Ball is ridiculously delicious and decadent - the perfect gluten-free party treat for summer or any time of year! | iowagirleats.com


No-Bake S’mores Icebox Cake

No-Bake S'mores Icebox Cake is a gluten-free and dairy-free, summer-friendly dessert recipe that will be a hit with kids and adults alike!  | iowagirleats.com


Gluten-Free Zucchini Coffee Cake

Gluten-Free Zucchini Coffee Cake is dense, just sweet enough, and full of garden-fresh zucchini. Pour yourself a coffee of cup or tea and enjoy! | iowagirleats.com


Sugar Cookie Peach Cobbler for Two

Sugar Cookie Peach Cobbler for Two is a cozy gluten-free dessert recipe that makes just enough for you and a friend. Made in just one bowl, it's a cinch to whip up! | iowagirleats.com


Triple Berry Crumb Bars

Stack of Triple Berry Crumb Bars, a gluten-free dessert recipe.


Strawberry-Blueberry Vanilla Chex Bars


Secret Ingredient Rosé Sangria

Secret Ingredient Rosé Sangria is the perfect drink to cool off with when temperatures start to rise. Not too sweet, and livened up by a secret ingredient! | iowagirleats.com


Boozy Frosé

Boozy Frosé is a wine-based summery slushie that's cold and refreshing - and for adults only! This easy cocktail recipe will be a hit at happy hour. | iowagirleats.com


Appetizers, Side Dishes, Potluck Salads

Crock Pot Baked Beans

Crock Pot Baked Beans is a rich, sassy, and super simple crock pot recipe that's sure to become a summertime side dish staple at your house! | iowagirleats.com


Ultimate Red Skinned Potato Salad (Mayo Free)


Mojito Fruit Salad (Non-Alcoholic)

Mojito Fruit Salads | iowagirleats.com


Sweet Corn with Maple-Bourbon Brown Butter and Bacon


Watermelon, Feta, Basil and Pistachio Salad with Reduced Balsamic Vinaigrette


Greek Cucumber and Arugula Salad

Greek Cucumber and Arugula Salad is fresh and light. Perfect as a light side with dinner or taking to a party or pot luck! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


The BEST Pasta Salad

The BEST Pasta Salad is an old family recipe. Simple and simply the best (easily made gluten-free, too!) #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Caprese Pasta Salad

Caprese Pasta Salad is light and fresh - the perfect gluten-free spring and summer potluck or picnic salad! | iowagirleats.com


Cucumber and Tomato Salad with BEST-EVER Italian Vinaigrette

Cucumber and Tomato Salad with BEST EVER Italian Vinaigrette | iowagirleats.com


Grilled Corn and Avocado Pasta Salad with Chili-Lime Dressing

Grilled Corn and Avocado Pasta Salad with Chili-Lime Dressing is an easy, gluten-free pasta salad recipe full of color and fresh flavor! | iowagirleats.com


Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle

Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle | iowagirleats.com


Marinated Vegetable Salad

Marinated Vegetable Salad is a healthy salad recipe highlighting fresh summer vegetables. Toss with tangy vinaigrette then marinate overnight for a quick and easy side dish! | iowagirleats.com


2-Ingredient Lemon Whip Fruit Dip

2-Ingredient Lemon Whip Fruit Dip is light and mousse-like in texture, and made with just 2 ingredients. This gluten-free, dairy-free dip is a must-try! | iowagirleats.com


Seasoned Broiled Potatoes

Seasoned Broiled Potatoes are an easy, gluten-free side dish that's delish any month of the year, but especially tasty during grilling season. | iowagirleats.com


Cauliflower Faux-Tato Salad


Italian Chickpea Salad

Italian Chickpea Salad is a simple, vegetarian salad recipe that's full of fresh and healthy ingredients. It's the perfect side dish for parties and potlucks! | iowagirleats.com


Classic Potato Salad


Summer Vegetable Gratin

Fresh summer vegetables are sliced, baked, and then layered under parmesan cheese in this simple and fresh Summer Vegetable Gratin! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Best-Ever Southwestern Black Bean Dip


Grilling Recipes

Unbelievable Juicy Grilled Pork Tenderloin

I'm sharing my tricks for achieving the most unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin, which cooks in under 15 minutes. Pair with grilled vegetables for a filling and healthy dinner! | iowagirleats.com


Marinated Grilled Chicken with Cucumber-Watermelon Salsa


Root Beer Can Chicken


Grilled Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Melts with Sun Dried Tomato-Basil Mayo


Spicy Shrimp and Sausage Skewers

Spicy Shrimp and Sausage Skewers are spicy and savory - they'll fly off the platter! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Grilled Chili Honey Lime Chicken Thighs

Grilled Chili Honey Lime Chicken Thighs are quick, flavorful and so tender - one of my favorite grilling recipes! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Grilled Caprese Chicken with Basil Vinaigrette


Homemade Brat Burgers with Gluten-Free Beer-Braised Caramelized Onions

Homemade Brat Burgers with Gluten-Free Beer-Braised Caramelized Onions is homemade brat mixture (just pork and spices,) topped with luscious, gluten-free beer-spiked onions. You'll be making this grilling recipe all summer long! | iowagirleats.com


Dijon-Brown Sugar Marinated Steak


Sweet Chili Coconut-Lime Grilled Chicken with Coconut-Lime Cauliflower Rice


Perfect Grilled Steak with Herb Butter

Perfect Grilled Steak with Herb Butter features a homemade dry rub and melty herb butter finish. Absolutely mouthwatering! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Main Dishes, Salads, and More…

Italian Tomato-Basil Stuffed Zucchini

Italian Tomato-Basil Stuffed Zucchini is a light and low-carb, gluten-free summer dinner recipe. Simple and satisfying. | iowagirleats.com


Easy Baked Ribs


Peach Caprese Salad

Peach Caprese Salad is a summery-sweet twist on classic Caprese Salad. Serve as a light summer supper or a side dish to any grilled dinner! | iowagirleats.com


Loaded Strawberry Fields Salad


Crock Pot BBQ Chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce


Roasted Poblano, Sweet Corn and Potato Stoup

Thicker than soup but thinner than stew, Roasted Poblano, Sweet Corn and Potato Stoup is warming and filling. You will go back for bowl after bowl! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Strawberry-Basil Chicken Salad with Fried Goat Cheese Balls

Strawberry-Basil Chicken Salad with Fried Goat Cheese Balls is a fresh and flavor-packed dish - crunchy, creamy, sweet, and savory! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


California Turkey and Bacon Lettuce Wraps with Basil-Mayo

California Turkey and Bacon Lettuce Wraps with Basil-Mayo is a fresh and filling low-carb meal that comes together in minutes! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Pasta Pomodoro

Pasta Pomodoro is the perfect recipe to highlight juicy, ripe summer tomatoes. This pasta dish is light and fresh! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Italian Guacamole Salad

Bowl of Italian Guacamole Salad


Fish Tacos with Avocado Sweet Corn Slaw

Fish Tacos with Avocado Sweet Corn Slaw are fresh and full of flavor. Feel like you're on vacation right at home! | iowagirleats.com


Sweet Corn Risotto

Sweet Corn Risotto is a celebration of summer. Creamy and decadent yet light and perfect for warm evenings. #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Balsamic Steak and Peach Salad

Balsamic Steak and Peach Salad is a fresh and filling entree salad with the sweet and savory flavors of balsamic vinegar. #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Garlicky Tomato-Basil Shrimp with Zoodles

Garlicky Tomato-Basil Shrimp with Zoodles is a garden-fresh and healthy, gluten-free summer recipe. Make and enjoy often! | iowagirleats.com


Caprese Lasagna with Spicy Turkey Sausage


Triple Berry Summer Salad


Avocado and Chicken Caprese Salad


Roasted Poblano Salsa Chicken Enchiladas with Cucumber Pico de Gallo


Chicken with Summer Succotash

Chicken with Summer Succotash is fresh, healthy, and fast. Enjoy this light and tasty dish all summer long! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


Crispy Kale, Bacon and Basil Farmer’s Market Hash


Make-Ahead Raspberry-Peach Crisp Breakfast Parfaits

Make-Ahead Raspberry-Peach Crisp Breakfast Parfaits are gluten-free, fresh and filling. Assemble at night then grab and go for a quick and healthy breakfast in the morning. | iowagirleats.com


Blueberry Muffin Smoothie


Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie is a sippable gluten and dairy-free version of Strawberry Shortcake with no added sugar! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com