simple modern water bottles

Around this time last year, after reading the book Quench, I vowed to start eating more hydrating foods and drinking more water, with a goal of a gallon of water per day. It was going great and I was meeting my goals, but the only problem was that I was having to fill my 20oz and 32oz water bottles what felt like constantly throughout the day to get there.

Then I found this Simple Modern 64oz water bottle and my problems were solved! I fill this bad boy up just two times per day and my goal is met. Beyond helping me meet my hydration goals, Simple Modern water bottles are simply a fantastic value. The same size Hydroflask water bottle costs almost two and a half times more, and they’re both insulated and double walled.

This water bottle is the deal of a lifetime!

Now, I know not everyone wants to be carrying around a 1/2 gallon sized water bottle every day, so for this giveaway, should you win, you can select the 64oz size water bottle, or any size below it.

How to Enter

Enter to win a 64oz (or smaller) Simple Modern Water Bottle valued at $27.19 or less by leaving the comment “hydrate” in the comments section below. Should you choose, you can forgo the prize and I will donate its value in your name to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Contest is closed.


The fine print:

  • Charity may not be changed from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to another charity.
  • If a color or size substitution results in a price increase from the stated value of an item, an Amazon gift card may be chosen in the same amount as the item value listed on its giveaway page instead.
  • Giveaways open to residents of the contiguous United States only.