Well it’s been 5 weeks since our little bundle of joy arrived, and I think we’re finally hitting our stride. Each day is getting easier and more predictable and we are adjusting well to the new normal. Don’t get me wrong, each day also brings a new challenge (cough, #mallmeltdown, cough) but we’re lucky to have a pretty chill little dude on our hands, who just rocks the heck out of baby cargoes. I can’t even.


I’ve been thinking about some things that have made our lives a little bit easier over these past several weeks and thought I’d share 5 Must-Have Items for New Moms including helpful products I find myself using every single day. Funnily enough, I only had one of these items on my registry (the monitor) and have found out the “hard way” how much they’ve all come in handy. Hope I can save you the trouble! :)

5 Must Have Items for New Moms | iowagirleats


Baby K’Tan Sling

I ordered the Baby K’Tan Sling one hot minute after reading fellow blogger Kayla’s post on Babywearing about a week after Lincoln was born. This carrier rocks and let me tell you why. First of all Lincoln loves it. ‘Nuf said, right? If he’s being fussy or just wants to be held, I’ll pop him in the Baby K’Tan and he’ll fall into a deep sleep within 5 minutes if he’s tired. And when I say deep, I mean deep. I have vacuumed with him in it and he doesn’t bat an eyelash. Furthermore, when I transfer him from the K’Tan to his swaddle to go down for a nap, he usually sleeps more soundly.

Besides all that, wearing Lincoln lets me keep my hands free to do stuff around the house. He loves directing me through emptying the dishwasher, doing the laundry, and taking walks around the neighborhood. Selfishly, I love snuggling him close and tight to my chest, too. :)

Order the Baby K’Tan based on your height, as the sling will stretch and grow with your child (up to a certain point/age, of course.) If it becomes too loose just wash/dry, then blammo, it’s back to normal. Visit Kayla’s post above for more benefits on babywearing!



SwaddleMe Swaddles

For the first week I was convinced that Lincoln hated being swaddled. He’d fuss, fight, and wriggle his little arms out every single time I attempted to swaddle him in a blanket. I was seriously stressed because once his arms were free they’d wave and wiggle about keeping him awake. Then I remembered my sister-in-law had given me one of these SwaddleMe Swaddles and it seriously saved our lives. Turns out Lincoln LOVES being swaddled…correctly!

I wasn’t swaddling him right or tight enough with a regular receiving blanket. These SwaddleMe Swaddles are easy to use and wrap him up super tight, which babies love. I went out and bought a zillion (ok, 4) as soon as I realized how well they worked. We use them everyday and Lincoln just loves his little straight jacket.



Motorola Video Baby Monitor

This Motorola Video Baby Monitor is a life saver. Not only can we hear when Lincoln fusses, but we can also SEE what he’s up to. A lot of times he’ll semi wake up, squawk for a minute, then put himself back to sleep, and if I wasn’t able to see that his eyes were closed while he was doing all this I’d be running up and down the stairs even more than I already do! This monitor is a bit pricey and a “nice to have” item, but it sure makes life easier.



Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Wow, awkward picture much? I don’t think this must-have item needs too much explanation. If you are a pumping Mama, you’ve got to get one of these hands-free pumping bras. Just trust me!



Aden and Anais Blankets

I had so many people recommend Aden and Anais Blankets to me when I was pregnant, and now I know why. Most receiving blankets are tiny and shrink in the wash. What I really needed was big, soft, light-weight blankets to use in a variety of ways, and these are it.

I use these blankets for laying out during play time, covering Lincoln’s car seat carrier and stroller to block the sun, and as a light-weight breathable blanket when he gets a chill. I know many people also swaddle with these blankets, but the SwaddleMe’s are working best for us. Bonus points for Aden and Anais blankets coming in the most adorable patterns!



Honorable Mention: Total Baby App

I used the Total Baby App on my iPhone religiously for the first two weeks after Lincoln was born. It keeps track of feedings, diaper changes, sleeping patterns, and more and comes in so handy when you’re so sleep deprived that you can’t even remember what you did five minutes ago, let alone what side your baby last nursed on. I don’t use it so much anymore, but honestly couldn’t have lived without it at the beginning. $4.99 well spent, in my opinion!



What are some of your must-have recommendations for new parents? 

(FYI I bought all of these items myself, and the links in this post go to my Amazon affiliate shop!)