mango spinach smoothies in glass jars with straws

You’ve probably seen 1,001 green smoothie recipes on the interwebs, and I have a couple here on IGE, but I’ve officially found the most delicious one yet. The BEST EVER Green Smoothie, if I do say so myself!

I can’t take all credit as the combination comes from a new-to-me smoothie shop that Ben, Lincoln, and I visited last weekend. We trekked inside, glanced at the menu, and it was all I could do to prevent a Ben-shaped hole from appearing in the doorway because the smoothies were EIGHT DOLLARS a piece. I could buy, like, eight semi-useful things from the Target $1 bin for that kind of cash!

Watch How to Make It!

Needless to say we got one smoothie to split between the three of us, but it ended being so unbelievably delicious that I accidentally drank more than my share and made Lincoln cry because he didn’t get as much as he wanted. Can you say Mother of the Year?

I got back in my baby’s good graces the following day when we recreated the smoothie at home for a fraction of the cost, and it ended up being a dead ringer for the $8 one. I mean, we nailed it!

overhead photo of mango spinach smoothie in a jar

Just four ingredients – kale, baby spinach, frozen mango, and apple juice – are blended until brilliantly green, and silky smooth. If you are a green smoothie skeptic, promise me you’ll try this combo. Lincoln sucked. it. DOWN. and has had one every single day since Saturday. I mean, a salad in a glass that tastes like a tropical drink? Heck yes!

4-ingredient Best-Ever Green Smoothie is gluten, dairy, and banana-free, and is the best-tasting green smoothie EVER! If you don't want to eat your dark leafy greens - drink them! |

Normally I would never put juice in a smoothie – I prefer to eat my calories vs drink them (except when they’re in fermented grape form, of course) – but for me the pros outweigh the cons in this case. Loads of healthy, dark leafy greens more than make up for using 100% apple juice as the blending liquid, plus the taste is just so gosh darn good. That said, if you want to cut down on sugar you could try using coconut water in place of some of the juice. I tried water and it tasted a little bland.

two mango spinach smoothies in glass jars with straws

We’ve been drinking Best-Ever Green Smoothies in the morning or after nap time for a boost of healthy greens, but it’d also make a great pre-workout drink. Pair it with a couple scrambled eggs or piece of peanut butter toast for a well-rounded breakfast, or even replace your nightly fermented grape juice with this smoothie instead. Who am I to tell you when and how to drink it though – just go for it!

Oh! This green smoothie makes great smoothie packs. Stuff the kale, baby spinach, and mango into ziplock baggies then freeze. When you’re ready to drink, pour the contents into a blender, add the liquid, and then blend!

green smoothie freezer packs

Start with 1 cup packed chopped curly kale. I am counting down the days until our farmer’s market opens so I can use mountains of local kale in here! If you are thinking about starting a vegetable garden this year, consider planting kale. It’s super easy to take care of and grows well into the fall.

fresh chopped kale in a colander

Add the kale plus 1 cup packed baby spinach into a blender with 1 cup frozen mango chunks. I have a Blendtec and absolutely love it. Kale can be a bit tough, but it’s blended to smithereens in this high-powered blender.


Finally add 1 cup no sugar added 100% apple juice.


Pop the lid on top then blend until silky smooth. NO color editing here – the smoothie really is this bright green, but doesn’t taste like it!

green spinach smoothie in a blender

Pour the smoothie into glasses then add a straw. The recipe makes 16oz so you could split with a partner, or keep the whole thing for yourself. Bright, fresh, healthy, and 100% delicious. I hope you love this healthy smoothie recipe as much as we do – enjoy!

overhead photo of mango spinach smoothie in a jar

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Best-Ever Green Smoothie (For the Green Smoothie Skeptics!)

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4-ingredient Best-Ever Green Smoothie is gluten, dairy, and banana-free, and is the best-tasting green smoothie EVER! If you don't want to eat your dark leafy greens - drink them instead!


makes 16oz

  • 1 cup packed chopped curly kale
  • 1 cup packed baby spinach
  • 1 cup frozen chopped mango
  • 1 cup no sugar added 100% apple juice


  1. Combine ingredients in a blender in the order listed then blend until very smooth and serve.


  • This smoothie makes great smoothie packs! Combine kale, spinach, and mango in baggies then freeze. When ready to drink, dump contents of one baggie into a blender, add juice, and then blend until smooth.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,


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