Downtown sunset shot from this year’s 4th of July fireworks viewing party (on the 3rd of July.) Won’t forget this roof top view anytime soon!

Hellooo! As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s been a hot minute since we last chatted about life…so, how’s life? :) Our summer is going well. Since Cameron still takes a morning nap, the boys and I don’t usually get out of the house until after lunch, only to turn around and come back for afternoon naps at 2pm. Last summer Lincoln and I were out and about almost all day, every day, so these slower paced mornings are different for us!

That said, we’ve been enjoying our short yet sweet daily outings. A certain smiley 8 month old hasn’t met a swing he hasn’t adored.

And we’ve been making the rounds at the zoo, library, Science Center, and pool, too.

Lincoln started swimming lessons last month and absolutely loved them. We actually signed him up for a second session because 4 day/week lessons for 2 weeks at the community pool are – wait for it – $40!!! You can’t do anything for $40 in this day and age – right?! No lessons for Cam yet, though he’s been enjoying his “boat”, aka milk crate, in my parent’s blow up pool this summer. I seriously can’t even – bahahaha!

Speaking of Cam, little man is on the verge of crawling. It’s going to happen either today or tomorrow then, pardon my French, we are TOTALLY SCREWED. He’s been barrel rolling to every corner of the house over the past few weeks and is already into everything, so there’s no telling what trouble he’ll get himself into once he’s fully mobile. Luckily big brother likes to keep a close eye on him (I mean, I do too!) These two are like peas and carrots though. Nobody gets as big of a slobbery kiss from Cameron as Lincoln does.

Other than that, here’s what I’m currently into in between meals, naps, and diaper changes!

Time and place: 12:33pm in my home office. The little boys are at the Science Center with our summer sitter and the house is quiet (too quiet if you ask me. I love hearing them laugh and play downstairs.) Alas, I finally have a few hours to GSD, so let’s do this!

Filling: WeeSprout Reusable Food Pouches. I was commiserating with a reader the other day about falling into the “pouch trap” with our babies. I can count on one hand the number of pouches Lincoln ate as a baby, but with two kids who eat three different meals a day, there’s no denying that grabbing a pouch from the cupboard is just sometimes easier! That said, I recently bought these WeeSprout Reusable Food Pouches on Amazon and they’ve been AWESOME. The pouches fill from the bottom so they’re easy to close, and more importantly clean. They’ve definitely helped me cut down on buying store-bought pouches. FYI: I’m going to write a post on both Lincoln and Cameron’s eating habits soon, so stay tuned!

Loving: PopSocket. I recently pulled the trigger on an iPhone7 (that portrait lens tho) and was seriously fumbling with the gigantic size of the thing. Then a friend who has even smaller hands than I do showed me the PopSocket she had on the back of her phone case and I ordered one on the spot (awkwardly, I might add, because the phone really is that big!) Anyway, these little poppers stick to the back of your phone and pull out/collapse to make it easier for small hands to use big phones. Super, super handy, plus they come in the cutest colors and patterns.

Eating: Feel Good Foods Chicken Dumplings (Potstickers). Ben bought these gluten-free potstickers on a whim a few months ago and we are HOOKED! They’re the closest in taste to the gyoza (ie potstickers) I ate almost every single day while living in Japan for a summer in college, plus they’re certified gluten-free.

Not only are they so delicious, but I can recognize every single ingredient in the potstickers. How often does that happen with packaged, frozen foods? Never! I buy these at Hy-Vee, by the way.

Watching: Master of None. Everyone’s talking about the new seasons of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, understandably because they are legit, but I’ve got another show to add to your Netflix queue – Master of None. The show is kiiind of like Seinfeld for millennials, and so far I’m liking the just released 2nd season even better than the first. Definitely give it a shot.

Making: Coconut Flour Peanut Butter Muffins. Lincoln and I whipped up these Coconut Flour Peanut Butter Muffins a couple weeks ago and they were a huge hit with both of us, plus Cameron too! The batter is blended in the food processor so there’s only one bowl to clean (I’m sure a blender would work too,) plus they’re naturally sweetened with bananas and maple syrup. They were so nice to have on hand for quick and easy, feel-good snacks.

Wearing: Slouchy Scoop Neck Tank. I am LOVING the slouchy scoop neck tank I recently bought from Gap (more so than the taxidermied polar bear I ran into recently!) It’s long in the back so it covers the buns, is super soft, and not too low cut. Definitely checking all my “it’s blazing hot outside but I’m still a conservative dresser” boxes. (Psst! Gap is having a 40% off sale day, 7/12!)

Laughing: Trey Kennedy. Oh my gosh, have you discovered Trey Kennedy yet?! If not, YOU’RE WELCOME. This guy is so, so funny – I check his Facebook and Instagram accounts for new videos several times a day, and his “helping parents with technology” video is my current favorite. Mostly because Ben has to teach my parents how to use their own remote every time we go to their house, and I’m pretty sure this is what’s running through his mind!

Snacking: Skinny Pop Pepper Jack Popcorn. Skinny Pop popcorn is a staple at our house but we usually stick to the plain kind because it’s so tasty. However, my hand involuntarily snatched this Pepper Jack flavor off the shelf when I passed by it at the grocery store last week, then my jaws inexplicably ate the entire bag in less than 24 hours. Read: TRY THIS.

Ordering: PF Chang’s Pad Thai. Ben and I support local restaurants by giving them our business over chain restaurants whenever possible, but hot dang does PF Chang’s have a good gluten-free menu! Ordering through their website is super easy and we usually do so 3-4 times a month. Right now I’m stuck on their Pad Thai which doesn’t taste extremely authentic or anything but it’s super delicious in it’s own right. Now I’m craving it for dinner!

Riding: Specialized Road Bike. After talking about it for the past couple of years, I finally bought a new bike! It’s so true what they say about working out not feeling like a chore when you’re doing something you enjoy, and I truly enjoy biking. I’ve been taking a twilight ride almost every night since we bought this baby (different paint job then the one pictured below) and it’s just been FUN. I come home exhausted, sweaty and sore, but super happy. Next stop – double burley (looking at the Burley Bee – any thoughts?) We’ll wait until next summer as Cam’s still too young for us to feel comfortable pulling him.

Locals: I got my Chloe Specialized bike on mega sale at Rasmussen’s. Highly recommend them for their service.

Popping: Chloe Prosecco. I saw a piece about Christie Brinkley’s new prosecco line on CBS’ Sunday Morning last week (#faveshow) which reminded me that I need to tell you about the prosecco I tried last weekend at a friend’s house. Chloe Prosecco is under $14 and sooo, so good. Not too dry, nor too sweet – just perfect. Can’t wait to pop another bottle. Locals: it’s available at HyVee.

Drinking: Vital Proteins. After hearing about the health benefits of powdered collagen for the past several years, I finally drank the Koolaid – er, collagen! – and am so glad I made the leap. Powdered collagen has reported health benefits ranging from stronger hair and nails, to a better balanced gut – and I’m feeling it!! Maybe it’s all in my head, but I just feel all around better when I incorporate a big scoop of this powdered collagen into my day. Guess how else I know it’s working? Cameron’s lashes are like butterfly wings – they’ve grown and curled so much since I started using it! (He’s breastfed.)

Many say it has no taste but when I stirred a scoop into a glass of water there was a hint of funkiness. Now I stir it into my hot coffee in the morning and it’s undetectable. Super easy to add to smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, etc too, as it dissolves in cold or hot liquids.

Anticipating: MASSAGE! Tonight I’m cashing in a massage gift certificate I’ve had for over a year and I CANNOT WAIT!! My back is sore from bike riding (hurts so good! But mostly bad!) and hauling Cam’s 20lb+ chunky baby bod all through the ball park last weekend. Preparing to zen out in 3…2…1…

Pick a “currently” category and fill me in on what’s going on with you!