Hello, hello! We are still coming off the high of a fun, long holiday weekend (well, minus the minor stomach bug both boys seem to have come down with!) Central Iowa was breaking heat records right and left, and it felt more like fair time in August then late May, but oh my gosh did it set a summery mood. Between catching up with good girlfriends, cleaning up our landscaping, backyard fun with family and great friends, and more burgers and hot dogs then you can shake a stick at – we welcomed summer with a bang. I sort of need a vacation from our vacation-feeling weekend, if you know what I mean!

(↓ Dandelion wishes)

I am in shock that June begins at the end of this week but also extremely excited for several reasons. One, it means that we are that much closer to meeting our baby girl in late July. We had a friend’s near 11 month over this weekend and it was fun to experience what it will be like to have own daughter crawling around exactly one year from now!

Two, Lincoln is officially out of school so the summer fun can truly commence. I bought this inflatable pool at Target a couple weeks ago and have had to practically drag the boys out of it for dinner several nights a week since. Add the super-sized water/sand toy pack from, you guessed it, Costco, and popsicles of course, and those little boys have been in heaven.

Lastly, our part-time summer sitter is starting next week! You may have noticed that it’s been extremely quiet around here over the past month. Our last sitter graduated college at the very beginning of May and it’s been nearly impossible to maintain a regular posting schedule while keeping up with the behind the scenes stuff – AND be a present Mom. I know many bloggers continue to slay while staying home with their kids (and I would kill for their secrets!) but for me it’s extremely hard to split my time between being a mom and blogger, and my kids will always come first. Anyway, back to regularly scheduled programming in June, wohoo!

In the meantime, here’s what’s going on in the latest edition of “Currently“!

Celebrating: Lincoln! As I mentioned, my super sweet super hero “graduated” preschool last week and I cried…a lot. I knew in the moment that I would feel fine the following day, but was a bundle of emotions over how fast my little Lincoln is growing up. So bittersweet. I love seeing him learn and grow of course, but dang it didn’t we just bring him home from the hospital yesterday? I can’t wait to have a fun-packed summer with my guy before he heads off to half-day K in the fall (summer birthday = full-day K is delayed a year, thank God. I’m clearly not ready for that!)

Reviewing: Summer Bucket List (+ Free Printable). Speaking of summer fun, I recently revisited the Summer Bucket List I shared a couple years ago to get ideas for the next few months. Our summer afternoons are generally filled with naps followed by popsicles, walks, bubbles, and backyard pool time, but we like to get out in the morning and explore (aka ensure those naps are nice and long. ;) ) Hoping to make it to a few new splash pads, parks, trails, picnics, and the zoo before little lady arrives in late July. What’s at the top of your summer bucket list? (Click here for the free bucket list printable.)

Make the most of your summer by printing and filling out a fun and FREE summer bucket list printable! | iowagirleats.com

Chasing: my wild child. As much as Lincoln is or at least WAS my hesitant, take-it-all-in-before-making-a-decision type of toddler, Cameron is the exact opposite. I shared on Instagram stories last week that if I don’t have a minor heart episode before the summer is over, it will be a miracle. This independent child marches into every situation with zero fear, and the determination to do whatever it is the big kids are doing. ACK!!! That said, I will be chasing him around every aforementioned splash pad and park this summer as he attempts to jump into the deep end and off of every high ledge. This one keeps me on my toes!!

Remembering. Bahahaha, so true! By the way, have you tried the new cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe’s? I’ve heard it’s ahh-mazing, though I don’t know if it’s gluten-free.

Inspired by. I don’t currently have an empty bookcase, and TBH the thought of this particular one in my home with a climber gives me massive amounts of anxiety because hello tipping hazard, but how fabulous is the styling on this bookcase?? Saving for future reference.

Spraying: Greenerways Organic Deet Free Bug Repellent. The amount of mosquitos, gnats, and ticks around here is already insane so I bought a pack of Greenerways Organic Deet Free Bug Repellent at Costco the other day (conveniently placed at the entrance – that product placement gets me EVERY TIME) and so far so good! The spray is safe for kids and pets, you can spray it on outdoor fabrics, and the actual repellent comes from citronella, lemongrass and cedarwood oils. It smells like lemon pledge but gosh darn it does it work. Big fan. (And you get used to the smell.) ;)

Needing: stacked stroller and video monitor recommendations. Would love your help in both these areas. I have a couple stacked stroller recommendations (vs double wide – Ben won’t go for it) from friends but would love to hear what you have too. We also need a good, time-tested video monitor recommendation. We’ve gone through three Motorola and Samsung video monitors between the boys, so those brands are no-gos for us, but let me know if you’ve got a different one that has stood the test of time.

Loving: pop in planters. I am so not a gardener – I love the visual results of planting and pruning but hate every second of the process. That said, I decided to use “pop in planters” this year instead of arranging and planting individual flowers in my pots and I’m SO INTO IT! I got a couple from Walmart on clearance and the one below from Costco. (If you follow me on Instagram stories I’ll have you know that I interrupted our woodchuck’s afternoon nap, which was taking place under the deck above the planter, while taking this photo. Eye rolls.)

Obsessing: Dyson V7 Cord Free Stick Vacuum. I got this bad boy as a (requested) Mother’s Day gift and am OBSESSED! Over the years I’ve gone through nearly half a dozen dust busters that last a year at most before losing battery/suction power and decided a major upgrade was finally necessary. What can I say – 2.5 little kids and no dog makes Mama a little cray after messy meal times. I’ve been thrilled with how this cord-free vacuum has performed, all the attachments, and the fact that it has a fun little docking station (doesn’t take much to please me, people.) Hot tip: check your local Bed Bath and Beyond for the vacuum. I originally ordered it on Amazon then found it $50 cheaper at BB&B a few days later, plus I was able to use my 20% off coupon. Major score!

Craving: Dairy-Free Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream. With the record high temperatures I’ve been of course craving all things cold – especially this Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream from Christina at Dessert for Two. I love how Christina thoroughly tests her recipes to ensure they come out right and oh my gosh, Lincoln and I would just totally demolish a batch. Maybe sandwiched between her homemade Chocolate Graham Crackers made gluten and dairy-free?

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