Time for another round of “Currently” – because life is more than meatballs and sunshine in a bowl!


Time and place: 11:31am, sitting in my office listening to a random bird chirping (!!!!) out my window which is getting me crazy excited for the upper 50s coming our way this week.

Cooking: Spring Rolls. I ordered gluten-free rice paper wrappers on Amazon Prime to make my own spring rolls at home (it’s been ages,) and am overwhelmed with the possibilities! What are your favorite combos to stuff inside spring roll wrappers? Think I’m going to start with a Thai-inspired combo of shrimp, rice noodles, carrots, and mint served with gobs of sesame-peanut dipping sauce.

Anticipating: Besties Bachelorette in NOLA. One of my best girls, Lindsey (center below,) is getting married this spring and her NOLA-based bachelorette party is coming up in just a few weeks. I’m so excited for girl time and to revisit one of my favorite cities in the US. Here we are in our prime – 23, tan, and livin’ it up in Chicago!


Seeking: party dress. I can’t tell you the last time I went anywhere more exciting than the wine bar down the street aka I have nothing to wear in NOLA. Where are your favorite places to find party dresses? I kind of like this one, though I’m 7″ shorter and shades paler than the beauty wearing it! ?


Discovering: tragic old photos. I’ve been going through old Snapfish folders looking for pictures of me and the bride to be and am finding the most hilarious/tragic photos from college and my 20s. Folders titled “Finals are Done!” and “KU Weekend!” are making me laugh out loud while simultaneously die a little inside regarding the amount of eye makeup I used to wear. Note to old self: LESS is MORE!!! ? If you need a good laugh, look at old photos of yourself. Trust me!


Avoiding: my taxes. UGH! I have an accountant who actually “does”/files them, but rounding up all my receipts from the year (keep track of them in real time like an adult, you say? Pssht!) is something I dread more than anything.

Craving: PF Chang’s Singapore Street Noodles. I know it’s probably as inauthentic as you can get, but PF Chang’s has the best Singapore Street Noodles on their gluten-free menu. We don’t love eating at chain restaurants but it’s hard to resist consistent, safe, and delicious gluten-free eats like this dish, which is thin rice noodles tossed with shrimp, chicken and a ridiculous curry sauce. I’m dying to recreate it at home, but curry is something I’ve never tackled before and don’t even know where to start!

Experiencing: snow day fun. Honestly I’m kind of a grinch when it comes to playing in the snow, but this past weekend there was no wind and I committed to getting out there with Lincoln. As always, I never, ever regret getting down on the ground – or in this case, the snow – and playing with my little man. We had so much fun shoveling, sledding, and kicking the powdery stuff – definitely made me feel like a kid again.


Hating: our stove. The main burner on our stove stopped working last month and it’s really cramping my style. Who do you even call to come repair a flat top stove? Sears? This is a serious question.

Loving: Target $1 aisle. Lincoln and I went to Target yesterday to pick up a few odds and ends that I couldn’t bring myself to order on Amazon prime (almond milk and face lotion, to be specific) and their $1 aisle is on POINT right now! Tons of cute crafty stuff, fresh spring decorations, and fun blog props.

Reading: For the Love. You guys, I gave up on The Nightingale. :( I just couldn’t get into it but I’ll try again when I’m on a plane or something and can devote a couple hours to digging in without interruption (I did the same with Elizabeth Street and it ended up being one of my favorite books ever.) In the meantime, I’m just starting For the Love, which a friend recently gave me. Have you read it?


Watching: Vanderpump Rules. I held off watching this show for years before finally caving this winter, and it might be my favorite guilty pleasure show of all time – right up there with Laguna Beach. I can’t tear my eyes away!!

Crushing: Zac Brown Band. My Margaritaville Pandora station has been serving up a ton of Zac Brown alongside my main squeeze Jimmy B and I’m loving it! They’re on the verge of being too country for my tastes (not Kenny Chesney-country, thankfully,) but I can’t get Chicken Fried out of my head (which I realize sounds as country as Kenny’s smash hit “She Thinks My Tractor’s $exy.) ?

Pick a few “Currently” categories and share below!