Hello! I’m finally feeling caught up and fully cleaned up after the holidays – woo, feels good! How about you? I’ve got a bunch of tasty recipes coming your way this month and next but wanted to just catch up today because it’s been a minute. :)

We’ve been enjoying the most glorious weather lately. Last Saturday it reached nearly 60 degrees so we made the most of it with a long walk downtown. It felt like the whole city was out to soak up the sun and spring-like weather in the middle of January. So bizarre, but I’ll take it over snow any day.

Little Miss Gwendolyn is growing like a weed! All her baby playmats and seats are back in storage and we recently moved her jumper up a rung to accommodate her growing legs. (Nearly) 6 months have flown by in the blink of an eye. This past week I finally unswaddled her and am now using a sleep sack for naps/bedtime. (She was probably ready a month ago but slept so well swaddled that I didn’t want to rock the boat.) As an added bonus, her arms are now free to wrap around my neck when I rock her to sleep at night and you can just imagine how wonderful that feels.

While Gwen is sleeping like an angel, my little dude is, um, NOT. Cam needs to take notes from his little sister because he’s still up 1-4 times a night. SEND HELP AND COFFEE AND CONCEALER AND A SLEEP EXPERT!

It might be the sunshine talking but, despite the lack of sleep, life is feeling especially sweet lately. To be honest, being introverted during the season that shall not be named has kept me home past 5pm more often then not in years past, but recent play dates, after school activities, exercise classes, and seeing friends has kept me busy and out of the house, which I’m realizing has a really powerful, positive effect on my mood and mental well being. So does blasting 90s pop music in the afternoons – I’ve caught Lincoln absentmindedly singing Backstreet Boys to himself more then once, hahahaha. Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I’m still leaving the party by 9pm, but lately I’m actually looking forward to being there, if that makes any sense. ;)

At any rate, here’s what else is going on in this edition of Currently!


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Loving: Feel Good Foods Taquitos. I found the Feel Good Foods brand of frozen gluten-free appetizers and entrees last year and my freezer is never without one of their products now. They’re developed by two chefs and the ingredient lists couldn’t be better if I made them myself! Lincoln and I are obsessed with their Chicken Potstickers and recently I’ve become hooked on their Chicken and Chipotle Taquitos, which I cook in my Air Fryer for 10 minutes at 390 degrees. Dipped in Tessemae’s ranch or avocado ranch – they are such a treat. Locals, I find Feel Good Foods products at Super Target, Whole Foods, HyVee, and Fresh Thyme, which has the biggest selection.

Coveting: Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm. Speaking of Tessemae’s – I’ve been downing it recently with the aforementioned taquitos not realizing the dressing has eggs in it! I’ve been eating egg-free for the past few months on account of Gwen’s eczema and food allergies, thinking my consumption of eggs was triggering her flare ups, but her skin has been really clear lately. WTH, eczema? The most confusing part about eczema is that it can be triggered by food allergies, a change in weather, or nothing at all – you can drive yourself crazy trying to chase the cause. Anyway, wanted to let you know about a product that’s helped a TON with G’s flareups – Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm. I tried three “natural” products from Primally Pure, Eczema Honey, and a local company and none of them worked like the Aveeno balm. Such a great product.

Enjoying: Orange Theory. I’m still going strong with Orange Theory since starting a couple months ago. If you’re a long time IGE reader you may remember that running was a big passion of mine before having children, so it feels amazing to be back in a class that combines strength training with rowing and HIIT routines on the treadmill – the hour flies by. Running on the treadmill can be absolutely dreadful but when you’re doing fun routines, being encouraged by a great trainer, and surrounded by people who are busting their butts too, it’s so much fun – seriously, I’m the crazy person smiling while sprinting on the treadmill, ha!

Eating: Crock Pot Carnitas. I received a huge pork roast in my last Butcher Box delivery which I used to make my famous Crock Pot Carnitas earlier this week. (FYI they’re running a free bacon + $15 off your first order right now, OR 2lbs free Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon with your first order.) I turned the carnitas into shredded BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner, crisped it up in a skillet then served with hash browns for breakfast, and combined with vegan cheddar and BBQ sauce to make quesadillas for lunch – it’s the recipe that keeps on giving! All you need is a pork roast, salt, garlic, brown sugar, and chicken broth, plus chili pepper flakes if you like. One of my very favorite recipes.

Playing: Kinetic Sand. I ended up ordering both boys their own kinetic sand case + extra sand for Christmas (previously they’d been sharing a tub with no lid – you can imagine how well that usually went) and Lincoln especially has been playing with his case a ton. Mamas, if you need a fun and easy activity for your 2+ year olds to do for at least 20 minutes, this is it.

Cosigning: Got Toddlered. This Instagram account speaks to my soul and cracks. me. UP!

Obsessing: Rivet Meeks Round Side Table. I’d been looking for a small end table for our formal living/dining room for years and gasped when I saw this little thing on sale on Amazon for Black Friday. It’s so pretty and compact – the perfect size for a lamp and potted plant from my SIL, plus I just love the materials. Highly recommend! (Both lamps are from Target and pillows from Homegoods.)

Anticipating: Massage. I asked for just one thing this Christmas – a massage – and Santa (aka my parents) delivered. I am counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until my appointment! What was your favorite gift you either received or gave for the holidays? Ben and I, plus his brothers and their partners, made a group donation in his parent’s name to a near and dear cause and we sort of unofficially decided to perhaps forgo gifts in the future to make a family donation to a deserving cause during the holidays instead. Truly it is better the give then receive! (Except when we’re talking massages.) ;)