We have a sitter! Believe it or not Miss Gwen is coming up on 8 months, though I swear she was born just last week. Ugh, can she just stay little forever? And never grow teeth? Does it get any better then a toofless baby grin?!

I feel like it’s been a minute since we last casually chatted on the blog. I’ve mentioned it before but I use Instagram stories a lot to share slices of my day to day life as it’s a quick and easy way to pop in and say hello. The blog is still my ride or die, but writing a blog post takes a lot more time then snapping a pic and posting it to the ‘gram, know what I mean? That said, I’d love if you followed along over there to keep our connection going strong. What’s your handle? I’ll follow you too. :)

Before we get into this edition of “Currently” I though I’d catch you up on the kids – like I said, they are growing so fast!!! Cam is coming up on 2-1/2 and we’ve already enrolled him in pre-school (2 days/week for 2 hours/day) next fall. HOW ARE WE HERE?! I’m excited for him though. Cam is my little social butterfly and I know he’ll have so much fun.

We are anxiously awaiting spring like many of you – cabin fever is a real thing! I gave Cam a couple sheets of colored construction paper, a bowl of water, and paintbrush the other night to have at while I was making dinner and turned my back for one minute. This kid is a master mess maker. ;)

We gave him access to Lincoln’s Legos a month or two ago (which Lincoln was HORRIFIED about. Any tips for successfully sharing Legos between younger and older siblings without tears is welcomed!) and he’s actually done really well! Mostly just likes to assemble guys then laugh with them over secrets only they share. My Cam. ;)

Lincoln is in the middle of winter swimming lessons and has finally aced putting his entire head underwater! I’ve never had a prouder (more proud?) moment between watching him actually do it AND seeing how proud he was of himself. Man oh man! We told him that if he worked really hard at lessons we’d talk about taking a trip to Legoland…except we forgot to specify Kansas City’s Legoland vs California’s Disney World-esque Legoland which was featured in one of his Lego Magazines that he’d apparently been eyeing for months. Whoops.

He got to practice his skillz during a recent weekend getaway to Minneapolis with Ben. I immediately start singing Baby Shark in my head anytime I look at this picture.

This winter has been long with too many school cancellations to count, frigid temps, and cabin fever, but I also can’t believe March is already here, and warmer temps are on the way! I am so, so excited to resume walks, playing at the park, and emptying the mailbox without slipping on a 3″ thick layer of ice. Viva spring!

(Recent trip to the wonderfully warm and humid Botanical Center on a cold day. Not a framer, but…#proofofmom!)

Allllrighty! Here’s what else is going on in this month’s Currently!


Reading (and re-reading): Those Extra 5-10lbs. I shared this post from The Moment on Instagram a few weeks ago and people went NUTS over it. I want to frame it and put it on my wall. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1,000 times – YOLO, ladies!


Craving: Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies. Speaking of YOLO, I cannot stop making the Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies I shared last week! So soft. So squishy. So easy to eat in one bite. Lots of you have already tweaked the recipe to use what you’ve got on hand which I love.

Stack of Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies


Sharing: Free Ground Beef for Life. ButcherBox’s best promotion of the year is here! If you sign up for ButcherBox between now and March 31, you’ll automatically get 2 free pounds of ground beef in every shipment for life. It is undeniably the best tasting ground beef I’ve ever had and 2 free pounds in each shipment is SUCH a great value. Let me know if you have any questions about BB in the comments below. I’ve been using the service since last year and have been so, so pleased with it!


Loving: Athleta Natura Underwear. Not too much to say here except bought them…LOVED THEM…bought some more!


Wearing: Aqualuxe Swim Suit. SWIM SUIT SEASON IS ALMOST HERE. I don’t think I’ll ever get excited about being in a swim suit – I don’t like tight fitting clothing in the first place and they don’t get tighter then a swim suit – but I have little kids and this is my life for the next 18 years, at least. That said, I am so thankful to have finally found The Suit. Not too low cut, fun back detail, ruching, and wide, sturdy straps. Swimming pool – here I (reluctantly) come!


Playing: Freddie the Firefly. Since we spend a lot of time in the car I was wanting to change things up from Gwen’s point of view, so I got her this firefly toy and she loves it! Lots of textures to gnaw on, sounds to hear, flaps to lift, and little mirrors to see herself in. I also like that it’s big so it doesn’t get lost in her chair.


Reading: It’s 2050 and This is How We Stopped Climate Change. Super interesting article on how we could potentially eliminate global warming by 2050. One question I have is, if we eliminate cars in favor of mass transportation, how do families with small children in carseats get around? Either way, neat peek into how different life could look in 30 years.


Drinking: Tres Agaves Margarita Mix. Confession, I bought this margarita mix when I was 9 months pregnant. In my defense it was July and it’d been over 100 degrees for like 78 days in a row. Also, well, Mama needed a marg. #thirdsummerpregnancy Anyway, I didn’t end up cracking the bottle open until a month or so ago and oh my word, it is DELICIOUS!! The ingredients are water, organic agave, lime juice and vitamin C, plus it’s certified gluten-free. I pour 2oz each of the mix and tequila (Jose Cuervo) over ice then add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and sprinkling of coarse sea salt. Heaven, my friends. HEAVEN! I buy the mix at HyVee and I think Target sells it too.


Using: Invisibobble Hair Rings. These were an impulse purchase from a salon a couple months ago and I’ve actually really liked using them. I get a hair dent from regular ponytail holders if they are in my hair for, no joke, one minute. These make zero dents and have held my hair back really nicely – I even use them while working out/running. I don’t know if they’d be sturdy enough to keep a long ponytail in place, but I’ve had no issues with my newly cut short hair.


Loving: New Balance Sneakers. I bought these adorable sneakers during our last snow storm in a desperate attempt to will spring our way. Jury’s still out on whether the warmer weather is here to stay, but I can’t wait to wear these babies when it is! These sneakers are light weight and I love the leather-looking detail on the tongue. Perfect for everyday errands and activities, and walks to the park.


Reading: Where the Crawdads Sing. I’m trying to create a new habit of reading in the car while waiting in the school pick up line instead of wasting time on my phone. So far it’s working! I keep a few magazines in the passenger seat to flip through (otherwise they’ll sit and collect dust at home) and just ordered Where the Crawdads Sing. I’ve been seeing this book EVERYWHERE and cannot wait to dig in. Like, literally dig in – I ordered the actual book vs ebook in an attempt to keep my phone down. I know if I start reading it on my Kindle app inevitably a notification for another app will pop up and I’ll get sidetracked!


Pick a “Currently” category and fill me in!