Happy Friday to you! I’m feeling a bit chit-chatty after a bonkers week, so it’s time for another round of “Currently“!

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Time and place: 1:42pm, sitting at my kitchen counter. Lincoln just went down for a nap and I’m enjoying the warmth and view from my open back door (though not the noise of construction for the second summer in a row!) as I type.


Loving: lattes at home. This week I experienced my annual freakout/confusion over turning another year older in July, but instead of moping I decided to get the party started a few months early and ordered a Nespresso machine as an early birthday gift…to myself. Details. Anyway, we are OBSESSED!! I was debating on buying an espresso machine that had a built in grinder to keep things super fresh (the Nespresso uses pods,) but at the end of the day, or rather, the beginning of the day, I just want something quick and delicious, which the Nespresso is providing.


Plus check out the FOAM the accompanying milk frother creates! Could not be happier with this purchase – especially because it means I’m not spending $5+ on almond milk lattes from the coffee shop three, ok five, times a week. Total cafe experience at home. Lov-ing it!


Seeking: welcome mat. Do you have a suggestion for an outdoor mat that doesn’t stay soggy when it gets rained on? Even with a big flower pot our front porch feels uninviting, but all the mats I’ve bought in the past stay wet for days after it rains, getting moldy and smelly which makes Ben rage-y.

Craving: sweet cherries. It is rare that I crave fruit over something savory but the sweet cherries that have been popping up at the grocery store recently are just too good. I’ve been enjoying a big bowl each night as a feel good snack.


Destroying: Enjoy Life Cookies. In the same breath I have to tell you about the Enjoy Life Soft Baked Snickerdoodle cookies I recently received in a GF snack box. Oh my dear Lord – squishy pillows of pure cookie bliss!! Food allergies or not (Enjoy Life products are free from the top 8 food allergens,) you have GOT to try these cookies – they are some of the best I’ve ever had. Psst: locals, they’re on sale at HyVee right now!


Cherishing: quiet mornings. I recently became very aware that our quiet mornings will become a thing of the past come October, which is why I’ve been getting up at 6am everyday to sit and do…nothing. Make coffee (photo is pre-Nespresso purchase,) sit on the couch, watch the Today Show, check emails (but being disciplined about not getting too involved with work at that hour) – just cherishing and relishing in the quietness that is my life at this moment before well, it’s not. It’s been difficult “shushing” the part of my brain that tries to remind me of all the things I should and could be doing besides sitting on the couch for an hour, but it’s been very rewarding mentally and a great way to start the day.


Cooking: everything grilled. I’ve grilled dinner approximately five of the past seven nights – I just love how little clean up there is afterwards. One night I made steaks using this method (works every time,) another night was chicken marinated in Best-Ever Italian Vinaigrette which I drizzled on top of the chicken after it was done, salmon, Brat Burgers – #cantstopwontstop! What’s your favorite grilling recipe right now?

Playing: gluten-free playdough. I’ve made gluten-free playdough for Lincoln before but it’s kind of a pain in the butt, plus gluten-free flour is more expensive than all-purpose. Anyway, I did a quick hunt on Google and found a big tub of it in multi colors at Discount School Supply. It came a few days after I ordered and while it might be a tiny bit tougher than regular playdough, Lincoln has played with it as happily at home as he does with the regular playdough at school. Pass it onto your GF friends and family!


Eating: egg salad. Last weekend my Dad, Ben, and I were talking about the weird stuff we ate growing up – Ben: bologna and butter sandwiches (bahahahaha,) me: bologna, lettuce and mustard sandwiches, and my Dad: egg salad with sugar. Well, the idea of egg salad (sans sugar!) stuck with me and I’ve been eating it every day this week – totally forgot how good this easy dish is! I just smash hard boiled eggs with yellow mustard, mayo, salt, paprika, and tons of hot sauce, then eat it with rice crackers. Perfection.

Hating: pregnancy jeans/pants/shorts. The devil’s creation – can I get an Amen?! I’m avoiding them at all costs and am anxious to whip out my maternity maxis when it gets warm on the regular (which should be next week.) I can’t say being pregnant in the summer is ideal, but having an excuse to wear muumuus for four straight months = priceless.

Snacking: super snackI recently created this “super snack” for The Laughing Cow that I am l-o-v-i-n-g. Gluten-free crackers are slathered with The Laughing Cow Creamy Original Swiss then topped with superfoods including blueberries and chopped walnuts. I love the combination of creamy, fresh, and crunchy.


Anticipating: planting. I think the really cool nights are finally behind us (knock on wood,) so I’m going to pick up flowers to plant in pots all over the front and back deck this weekend. They add instant color and life to our house, and make me feel like summer’s really arrived. Can’t wait. (Snapshot from this same weekend last year!)


Collecting: wanderlust photos. Ben and I have accepted the fact that, at this stage of our lives, travel is simply going to slow down. Before, our biggest challenge was working around Ben’s work schedule, since I can work anywhere, but now it’s two kids, three plane seats, naps, strollers, bottles – just things that make traveling to far off places not that enticing for us personally. As much as travel means to me (at one point it was everything I worked for,) right now I’m actually ok with sticking around the US, choosing a Colorado vacation over a Swiss Alps one, and taking a jaunt instead of a journey, knowing that someday we’re going to have twice as much fun seeing the world with our two kids (there’s nothing like seeing your child experience a new place!) That said, I’m still collecting travel inspiration for when that day comes. I keep a folder in my iPhone for screenshots of must-see places including these beauties…. Where are you currently dreaming of visiting? 


Celebrating: my Dad! Happy birthday to this guy TODAY! Gosh how he makes us laugh. He’d do anything for anyone (if he likes you, anyway ?) and man oh man does he love his Grandkids (and Rolling Rock aka Donkey Water.) Happy birthday, Pops – you’re my Dad! ❤️


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