It’s time for another round of Crafting with IGE! Today’s project:

DIY Spruce and Berry Jars

It’s been a grey and blustery day (although surprisingly warm) and I couldn’t help but feel the holiday spirit creep in as I ran around town doing my errands this morning. Every store I stepped into was dressed to the nines in cheerful, red & green decor.

I made a split second decision to stop at the craft store on my way home and pick up supplies to decorate my mantle with cheerful berries & rustic spruce fronds stuffed in shabby-chic mason jars.

Whee! First Christmas decorations of the season!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 7 mason jars
  • 7 votive candles (mine were 1.4oz each)
  • fake berries in any color
  • fake spruce
  • Hemp string or twine

Step 1

Drop the votive candle into the mason jar. Cut 4 pieces of spruce about the height of the votive and place them on 4 sides of the votive.


Step 2

Cut the berries off of the vine. These were attached by a thin wire, which I was able to cut with regular scissors.


I also used the mason jar lids to corral them.


Step 3

Drop the berries in between the spruce pieces. Because of the size of my votive, I was only able to add the berries to the front, which was fine because you only see them from the front.


Step 4

Cut a length of string/twine/hemp and tie it around the neck of the mason jar.


Step 5



I honestly had no intentions of putting up any additional Christmas decorations today, but the votives looked so lonely and out of place all alone up there!


So I did the damn thing.


Just imagine there’s one of these going on in there. ;)


I couldn’t have been more happy with how the jars turned out – and for so cheap!


Cost Breakdown

Mason jars = free from my Mom (thanks Ma!)

Berry springs = $.69/piece (used 6 total)

Spruce spray = $2.99

Hemp string = $1.79

Votives = $2.79

Total cost: $11.71


Gah, it feels so deliciously 1900s in here! ;)



Are you a crafty kind of person? Have you started putting up holiday decor around your house yet?

Normally I wait until after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn’t help myself this year. :)