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Homestyle Chicken and Noodles is hearty, cozy, and perfect for a blustery fall or winter evening!

Well, the time has finally arrived – the first snow storm of the season is heading our way in just under 24 hours – eek!

Ben is THIS EXCITED, as he’s a snow guy and, well, we haven’t seen much of the white stuff ’round these parts in about 2 years. Last winter it snowed approximately three times, accumulating to, like, 6 inches total. This year has been pretty much more of the same, and overall about as balmy as Fall was!

Wait, do you hear that? Oh, right, it’s just the collective snores of hundreds of readers.

Anyway! Since there’s talk of this storm being pretty nasty, with blizzard-like winds and enough snow to finally shake a stick at, I thought I’d whip up a cozy meal to hunker down with over the next couple of days: Homestyle Chicken & Noodles. 

Oh yes! Channel your inner lunch lady, and whip up a batch of this thick, creamy, and filling comfort food, chock full of veggies, and one of my favorite ingredients – frozen egg noodles – which turn plump and chewy as they cook. The whole family will love this one!

Start the Homestyle Chicken & Noodles with 2 chicken legs (the thigh + drumstick piece) plus 2 chicken wings. I had a whole chicken, so I used this combo, but you can purchase 3 chicken legs at the store if you don’t have one on hand. Remove the skin then place the chicken in a big, enamel Dutch oven (like the one I’m giving away at the end of this post!)

To the chicken pieces add 3 cups water, 2 cups chicken broth, and a bunch of herbs and seasonings including 2 bay leaves, 1 teaspoon dried thyme, and lots of salt & pepper. 

I added the chicken broth in here instead of cooking the chicken in all water because the skin gives the broth a lot of flavor, but adds TONS of fat too. Since we removed it from the chicken, adding pre-made chicken broth kind of evens everything out.

On top of that, add 1 whole onion (chopped if you like onions, left big if you have onion-haters in your family!) 4 chopped carrots, and 2 chopped ribs of celery. Bring the mixture to a boil then place a lid on top of the Dutch oven, turn the heat down, and simmer for 30 minutes, or until the chicken meat is falling off the bone.

Remove the chicken and shred it, then add 12oz frozen egg noodles (I used Reames brand) to the broth and veggies, and cook according to package directions. Next, stir in 3/4 cup frozen peas. Ben’s favorite part!

Finally, in a container with a screw-top lid, shake 1 cup milk with 2 Tablespoons flour. Like a polaroid picture.

Drizzle the mixture into the Dutch Oven, let it bubble and thicken for 3-4 minutes, then stir the shredded chicken back in and season with more salt & pepper if necessary.

Let the Chicken & Noodles thicken off the heat for 10 minutes, then you are good to go!

Homestyle Chicken & Noodles is something I vividly remember being plopped onto my lunch tray at the cafeteria in high school, but let me tell you, this tastes nothing like that! Ok, that was actually oddly delicious back in the day but, although this is thick and hearty, it actually tastes really light and fresh!

Bring on the snow! (Until Christmas day, then, BEAT IT!)