We made it – Viva Las Vegas!

Ben and I were tearing up the strip by 9pm Sunday night, wasting no time hitting up the penny slots. I HEART penny slots!

I can’t bring myself to play anything higher – I mean really you’re just throwing away your money – so penny slots is the name of my game. I started with $5, :) which dropped down to $.03, :( which went back up to $10.55, :D

before I struck it rich – $19.97 baby! :mrgreen: CASH OUT!

Traveling caught up with us and, after a midnight snack of gummy worms from the candy shop in our hotel (which WILL be the death of me,) we were peacefully sleeping by midnight. It was for the best, so we could be up and at ‘em the next day! :D

photo 2 (2)

Ben and I are explorers at heart, so we grabbed a few cans of Jeremiah Weed Roadhouse Tea (THE best thing ever) and hit the town on a casino crawl!

One of the things we both love about Vegas, is that it’s BEAUTIFUL. The architecture, decor and features of the hotels on the strip are breathtaking, and we enjoy just walking around, taking it all in.

Hitting some penny slots along the way, natch.

We decided on lunch at an Irish Pub inside New York New York, and started with a Baked Brie Appetizer.

photo 3 (2)

OMG – this set a new standard for all savory bries! Warm brie drizzled with reduced balsamic vinaigrette and chili olive oil, served with grilled jalapeno and roasted tomatoes. Droool. :)

photo 4 (2)

You can’t eat at an Irish Pub without getting standard pub fare, so we split some Fish and Chips too. Bomb!

photo 3

After a much needed nap, we were back on the streets around 9pm for dinner.

Dinner at 9pm! Time, rules and common sense just don’t seem to exist in Las Vegas. ;)

We are suckers and chose Trevi inside Caesar’s Palace. Total tourist place, but the bright, painted sky and roaring replica fountain had us feeling like we were back in Rome. We couldn’t pass it up!

We started with complimentary bread and olive oil,

before digging into our entrees. Chicken Limone for her,

featuring chicken, sun dried tomatoes and spaghetti in cream sauce,

and Chicken Scallopine for him. Chicken, prosciutto, artichoke hearts and pine nuts. OMG.

This morning we hit the pool for a little tan time.

Ben doesn’t last too long in pool situations, so we were out of there an hour later to get cleaned up and head out again. We can rest when we’re dead! ;)

This afternoon’s agenda includes a Happy Hour crawl (ugh I love vacation.) I for sure want to check out Emeril’s Table 10 in the Venetian. Any other places we need to see?

Hope you are well and enjoying your week! :D