Gwendolyn!! My dark haired, sweet as pie, perfect in every way baby girl! ♥

Hi hi hi hi!! It feels like I haven’t checked in in exactly 4 years, though it’s been less than two weeks. What can I say, old habits die hard. So much has happened in the past 10+ days though that it feels like a lifetime has passed. In between welcoming Gwen and bringing her home, we’ve hosted family, thrown a birthday party, a BBQ, and almost bought a house. Sounds crazy but it was actually good to keep busy! (We did NOT buy the house, by the way. Can you even imagine attempting with this crew?!)

But back to the important stuff – sweet baby G! Gwendolyn made her way into the world quickly, safely, and with nearly zero complications in regards to my gestational diabetes (she had one low blood sugar measurement a few hours post-birth, but reached a normal level after a feeding and another hour, praise God.) Weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds plus a few ounces, she is perfect in every way. Although she’s just barely two weeks old, Gwen has been our easiest baby yet. We’ve seen her eyelids more then her deep blue eyes, and the only time she squeaks is when she’s hungry. I think God knew what we could handle in terms of adding another child to our family, and he delivered. I keep saying it, but this girl is SWEET. And did I mention the brown hair? I was so tickled to finally have a brunette. Both Lincoln and Cameron had light colored hair when they were born, and still do I guess – I don’t know, it’s just funny that our girl came out looking like me. :)

The boys are doing great. Lincoln, having done this once before, has been a natural with her. Our little homebody has become even more so, wanting to stick around the house to be close to baby sis at all times (it’s also a good excuse to have more Lego time. #obsessed ;) )

Cam has been extremely affectionate with Gwen too. The first week plus was rough in regards to his behavior outside of baby sis – it’s hard being one years old and not understanding how and why everything is all of the sudden different – but we’re seeing improvements or I guess I should say a return to his normal self a little bit more every day. Bottom line, Ben and I couldn’t have asked for either of them to react better to bringing Gwen home in our wildest dreams, and for that we are very thankful.

In other news, I knew Cam would seem huge compared to Gwen, but he literally feels like a NFL linebacker now. His diapers are like parachutes compared to hers. This little love muffin is a tank!

I’m doing really well. My third c-section recovery has been the slowest, as I assumed it would be, but at two weeks post-birth I feel like I’m operating at 80% physically. Decent?! The first week home was tough emotionally thanks to shifting hormones and I cried over things I normally wouldn’t cry about (see house buying above – LOTS of tears,) but am feeling so much better this week. Having Ben home on paternity leave, keeping our twice a week sitter for the boys, and having a ton of help from our families has been so nice in the sense that I don’t feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions each day, and can ease into this new life of a Mama of three. I am incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve received, and for three healthy, happy babies. Man am I a lucky lady.

I’m trying hard to keep resting and recovering though Ben and I are both anxious to get back into a routine with this squad. I love to work and am eager to get back at it too – it keeps me sane! That said, more from me soon, hopefully, though these cuties are keeping us pretty busy!

‘Til next time… xoxox