Our son, Lincoln.


What can I say about parenthood that hasn’t already been said? Except that it’s all true. Every squeak, smile, sigh (and yes, scream!) makes me infinitely happier than I was the moment before. Even though it’s only been 2 days since he was born, I can’t picture our lives before he came and made our little family complete.


Loves: snuggling with Mom and being swaddled by Dad. Hates: being cold and getting burped. : )


We are heading home early this week and will continue to take ALL the help from the amazing nursing staff here at the hospital until then. Ben and I both looked at each other today and said, uhhh, what happens when we have to go home and do this all by ourselves??


We’ll figure it out, of course, but for now we’re off to go practice, practice, practice. Thank you SO much for all your well wishes. The three of us love feeling the love. Can’t believe he is ours to keep! : )