It’s my two month birthday, y’all! 

My Mommy Mind: 2 Month Update |

Well, almost. ; ) Tomorrow actually marks the big milestone for my baby boy whom I’ve spent nearly every waking moment with since the day he was born. Lincoln brings me so much joy. At least once a day I lean down, smell the top of his head, and think, Oh my gosh, I have a baby. I. Have. A. BABY! It’s still very surreal.

My Mommy Mind: 2 Month Update |

Over the past two months I’ve laughed, cried, yawned, and laughed some more – this child is seriously a comedian in the making (just like his Dad!) I know every parent thinks their child hung the moon and we’re no different. Every funny, cute, and silly face Lincoln makes melts our hearts.

Don’t get me wrong, this has also been the most challenging two months of my entire life. It’s been tiring, stressful, and down right HARD (and did I mention tiring?) but the good has outweighed the difficult. With a face like this, how could I not feel like the luckiest lady in the world?

My Mommy Mind: 2 Month Update |

Here’s what else is on my mommy mind (a concept snagged from my fab sister-in-law!)

* I look back at my 10 Things Nobody Told Me About Having a Newborn post and giggle a little. Wow, I was definitely still riding the hormone roller coaster when I wrote that! Meals are hot again, laundry has lessened, and the back has toughened up, but yes, I’m still sweating. Profusely.

* I have professed my lack of patience here on the blog many times, but having a baby has really given me a crash course in the virtue – quick! Two month old babies can’t be reasoned with or rushed, nor do they deserve to, so there’s been no choice but to submit and freaking relax.

* When I was pregnant I stressed out wondering if I’d be able to read my baby’s cues. How would I be able to tell the difference between a hungry cry, and a sleepy wail? The good news is, you just know. Luckily Lincoln doesn’t usually fuss for no reason, so it’s been pretty easy to learn what he wants, and when.

* I’m so grateful to have my parents in town who jump at the chance to watch Lincoln for a few hours when Ben and I want to catch a quick dinner out, or need to run a few errands solo. I didn’t grow up near any of my Grandparents, so I’m glad that L will get to know them from the start.

* Weekends are my favorite not only because Ben is home, but because I can shower. Truly shower. Long, glorious showers!

* Before Lincoln, I looked at pregnant women with envy. When I was pregnant, I looked at women with babies and became impatient. Now when I see parents with their toddlers I can’t wait to get there. Told you I have a patience problem! I’m not wishing away a SECOND of my snuggly infant time, but I’m excited for him to start holding his head up so that we can roughhouse a little.

* Being a work at home mom is incredibly difficult but I’m eternally grateful that I get to stay home with Lincoln all day, for now anyway. That’s why I shot for a career in full-time blogging/freelance writing with a flexible schedule, over a more traditional 9-5 job. I work during his naps and on the weekends.

* I find it comforting yet sad that everything we’re experiencing right now is temporary. It’s nice to know that someday in the future Ben and I won’t be waking up in the middle of the night for feedings, for instance, but sad knowing that in order to get there Lincoln has to grow up. All his newborn clothes have been packed away, and I teared up folding them remembering how impossibly tiny he was to fit into them. It’s weird knowing that he will never, ever be that small again. Sigh…

* Ben is a wonderful co-parent. I’ve been pumping since the hospital so he’s been able to feed Lincoln around 1 or 2am every night. Right now Lincoln’s occasionally sleeping through this feeding until 3 or 4am (6 hour sleep stretches – hallelujah!) so I just pick up there, but it’s nice knowing I have a partner who’s willing to do anything I’d do myself. Everything is 50/50 yet nobody’s keeping score.

* That being said, single parents are the real super heroes in this world. I panic at the thought of Ben going out of town for work for one night. 


My Mommy Mind: 2 Month Update |

* And finally, my baby gives the best kisses/face mashes. What a flirt. ; )

My Mommy Mind: 2 Month Update |

Thanks, as always, for reading along on this crazy adventure called parenthood!