I know I said Lincoln at 5 months was the best yet, but 6 months is definitely snagging the coveted spot. We’ve seen SO many changes, both physical and developmental in our little guy this month, it’s unbelievable. Here’s what’s on My Mommy Mind!


Lincoln is now able to sit up by himself for long stretches of time. It was crazy. We worked and worked on it with no luck, then one day, just like that, he was sitting! It just goes to show that babies will do things when they’re good and ready.


Along with sitting comes a new found sense of independence. While it’s nice that I can plop Lincoln down with a basket of toys to entertain himself with for 20 minutes, I find myself missing him needing me. Then I realize how insane that sounds and go do something productive with my life.

_DSC8684 copy

Seriously Mom? Can’t you see I’m busy over here?!


I had my first “I’m failing as a mother/wife/small business owner/human being” meltdown a few weeks ago. It involved a crying mama holding a crying baby and was, well, ugly. Please tell me I’m not the only one? I’ve been trying to cut myself some more slack since then.


So much worrying comes with being a Mom. I’m constantly asking myself if my baby is happy enough, if I’m playing with him enough (or too much,) if he’s learning enough, if he’s having enough experiences, if I’m doing the right things at the right age. I’ve heard many women express fear about becoming a Mom. News flash: we’re making it up as we go!

Lincoln is our snuggle bug and putting him down for naps and to bed are actually my favorite parts of the day. He’ll snuggle in chest to chest, let me give him lots of kisses, and then I’ll let him lay there probably a little too long because IT’S THE BEST FEELING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.


I’ve come to accept the fact that my house will be cluttered and un-tidy for the next 18 years. I never thought I’d be that person with baby gear/toys all over the house, but I am. And I don’t even care.

It’s crazy to me that, as parents of an infant, we’re making 99.99% of the decisions for another human being. Where they sit, when they eat, what they eat, where they go, what they wear, etc… This kind of feeds into the worrying – I have so many important decisions to make for this tiny fragile life. I don’t want to screw it up! BTW, is making your child wear a fedora indoors while you vacuum with him strapped to your chest because it makes you so happy ok??


We started solids this month. For about a week after we began Lincoln was EXTREMELY cranky, to the point where we stopped because he was just a completely different child (ie the catalyst to my Mommy meltdown!) Our doctor encouraged us to try again, and he’s doing just fine now. We think it was just his digestive systems getting used to a different type of nutrition.

Right now he gets oatmeal twice a day with a rotation of avocado, butternut squash, sweet potato, pears, prunes, and peas, so far. Peas are his favorite – go figure! (I hate ’em!)

A WONDERFUL side effect of starting solids (the second time)? He’s finally sleeping through the night! I know they say the two aren’t related, but since the night we started solids (again, the second time) he sleeps from 7pm to 7:30am, with feedings at 9pm and 6am. He’s had a couple of random 1am wake ups since then, but I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to go to bed without the dread of not knowing what’s coming in the overnight hours.

Lest you think it’s all sunshine and rainbows, his naps are back to being all over the place. Ay yi yi. These babies are lucky they’re so darn cute!!


Lastly, at 6 months Lincoln’s personality is really shining through. He’s the absolute happiest when he’s got the attention of both Mom and Dad – like, limbs flailing around, happy – and is never without a smile when I call his name. Unless it’s after 5:30pm. Then, well, he doesn’t. ; )

At least once a day I still marvel over the fact that he’s ours to keep forever. Other women need not apply! (Seriously, what am I going to do when he starts dating? I can’t even!)


Ooo, lastly lastly – we cannot WAIT for warmer weather! Walks, walks, walks! #alldayerrday