We hit the nine month mark – muwahaha!


This month has really marked a turning point in both Lincoln’s and my life. Lincoln is turning into a full-fledged boy. A BOY! From the way he now guffaws instead of giggles, to his hands turning into giant bear paws, I am truly seeing a baby morph into a little boy before my very eyes. What.


This month has also been the first month where I feel like life has returned back to normal (well, “baby normal.”) We dropped Lincoln’s third nap so we’re down to two naps, the first one around 9:30am and the second around 2:30pm – both usually around an hour to an hour and a half long, though he occasionally likes to sneak in one of his patented 42 minute naps. This has given us so much freedom I can’t even TELL you! Long walks, errands without fear, and life on the go makes for a happy family indeed.


Can we talk about baby kisses? How they want to make me shrivel up into a ball and cry they’re so amazing?? Whenever Lincoln is feeling particularly sweet he’ll turn to me, open his mouth as wide as it will go, and lean in. I can’t even.


This has been the view du jour over the past couple of weeks since Lincoln learned to crawl. It’s amazing how quickly they pick up speed after getting the coordination between hands and feet down. I’ve got to watch that boy like a hawk now!


Any other parents out there have trouble falling asleep at night because the tunes of your kids’ toys keep playing over and over (and over and over!) in your head?! 1…2…3 c’mon and count with me, 4…5…6 that’s the way you do it! 7…8…9 oh you’re doin’ fine, 10. 10! You can count to 10! I wonder if the same thing happens to babies…

Apparently not.


Now that Lincoln’s not napping as much during the day, I have even less time to work than I did before. I’m perpetually 4 days behind on answering emails and a little stressed out about that part of my life, but somehow everything manages to get done.


Is it weird that I still miss our labor and delivery nurses 9 months after giving birth? There’s something about having someone see you at your most raw and still take such good care of you that really leaves a mark. My nurses were so amazing. Ben and I fondly refer to our stay at the hospital as our trip to the “baby spa.” :) Minus the whole birthing process, of course.


We’ve got a bonafide goofball on our hands!


While Lincoln’s as happy as a lark at home with Ben and me, it takes him awhile to warm up to new places in particular. Not so much people, he’ll let anyone hold him, but when he’s out of his element he’s very quiet. At home? Total nut job.


Ben and I truly feel like we hit the lottery with our sweet, happy little man. Of course parenthood is difficult – it’s not about you anymore – but these tiny little miracles are just that, miracles. Next on the agenda? Planning his first birthday party – gulp! As everyone says, they sure grow up fast!!


Little Green Pouch Giveaway

I’ve got a followup giveaway to my post about making homemade baby food – a Little Green Pouch giveaway!


Little Green Pouches are durable, reusable food pouches that are BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free, as well as dishwasher safe, and freezer-friendly. Translation: they’re super safe food pouches for kids and babies that you can fill with your own purees and use either at home or on the go.


I like Little Green Pouches because I can easily transport food from home if we’re going to be out at meal times, and I know exactly what I’m putting in them. Even some of the organic food pouches at the grocery store have added preservatives and sugar. Dislike!

Plus, now that Lincoln prefers solids to purees, he’s getting a little divo-ish about being spoon fed. Offer him a Little Green Pouch however and he’ll suck the food right down. He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to get food squirted in his mouth versus on a spoon. Sheesh!


Anyway, Little Green Pouch has graciously offered to send one IGE reader a Little Green Pouch Large Starter Kit filled with 4 pouches, a cleaning brush, clip-on dispensing spoons, stickers, PouchPops, a funnel, and extra caps. Jackpot!


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